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Accounting Resume

Accounting is a backbone of any company. Without book keeping and accountancy, no company can function. Accounting means to keep a systematic record of all the expenditure and profits. Accounting helps a company to analyze its financial progress. People who do all the accounting jobs are known as accountant. Accounting resumes needs to be drafted keeping in mind the job requirements and what the employer expects from the candidate. These resumes should highlight the candidate's qualifications and skills which are very essential to get the job.


Accounting resumes are drafted for a variety of jobs and the job profile under this category ranges from accounting clerks, accounting manager, account assistant, account collector, account executive, book keeping clerks, field cashier, tax preparer and assessor, public accountant and the list goes on.

Accounting resumes should open with an effective objective. The objective should clearly state why the candidate has chosen the said filed and what he/she would like to achieve in the near future. As mentioned earlier; the educational qualifications and skills would form the major highlight of the resume. If this is backed with good experience, there is no stopping for the candidate to get the desired job. All the above information should be chronologically listed starting from the latest. Applicants should also make a point to list all the previous job responsibilities undertaken.

A thorough research of the job profile and what the employer expects from the profile proves very crucial to draft the resume in the most effective manner. Applicants should also research about the company, its policies and the people responsible for creating and running the organization. This helps a great deal during the interview.

You need to make sure that your resume is drafted in a good format with the appropriate font and its size. One should work on increasing the readability of the resume and try to make it impressive with better choice of words. One needs to also note that your resume is not very lengthy. It should contain all the appropriate information, relevant to the job profile. Contact details of the candidate should be listed effectively and right in the beginning for the employers to easily contact the candidate in case the candidate is shortlisted for the next round.

The resume should end with good references. References for an accounting profile are very essential because the roles and responsibilities undertaken in this profile are confidential. References are important as they establish your accountability and authenticity. Provide any two references with full name, current designation and contact number and address.

Your resume is the first thing that an employer views before meeting the candidate personally. It is therefore important that even minor mistakes such as spelling errors need to be avoided as it questions the writers seriousness towards the job and how crucial the candidate can prove for the organization in the near future.

Your resume should talk about your persona, your work ethics, your qualifications and skills and prior experience. It would be a good practice to also list your achievements in the previous job. This would not only help employer to know the kind of work you have been doing but also your dedication towards your work. Your resume can create a good first impression provided you make efforts to create a good one.

Writing resume does not come under the heading of creative writing. However, this does not mean that resume writing is not complicated. Include only information; avoid use of colors and be authentic while writing a resume. Maintain the same font all through out and do not mark borders. A crisp and a smart resume is always eye catching and will definitely fetch you good opportunities.

Following are the accounting sample resumes:

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