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Accounting Clerks Supervisor Resume

Just as the title suggests, it is the job of the accounting clerks supervisor to supervise the people who are handling the accounting of a certain company. He or she has to oversee the activities of the accounting clerks. The accounting clerks supervisor resume should consist of the duties and the profile of the specified job. The duties are: accounts payable, bookkeeping, receivables and also basic general ledger for a certain company. Usually, these people are working for large companies that have to process a big amount of basic accounting tasks every day.


In order to get a job like this, you might need a resume that is eye catching. This is why the moment you write your resume, you should focus on the education that you have received and on the experience that you have. You might also want to present skills that you have gained and which are relevant for the job.

Sample Accounting Clerks Supervisor Resume

Personal Details
Name: Dana Henry
Birth Date: 25 December 1978
Nationality: American
Driver's license: Yes


To obtain the job of accounting clerks supervisor and this way to be able to prove the knowledge and the experience that I have, thus the professional value that I have in this field. In time, I would also like to advance in my career and to take on even more responsibilities if possible.

Core Skills

  • Accounting knowledge
  • 7years of experience in accounting field
  • Good with numbers i.e. sort, check, count and verify numbers
  • Knowledge of payroll policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of universal accounting procedure
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Give importance to details
  • Can work in team
  • Good at managing time
  • Ability to take quick decision
  • Knowledge of universal invoicing procedures
  • Ability to resolve problems
  • Good record maintenance skills
  • Good in performing simple accounting procedures
  • Account balancing skills
  • Knowledge of cash management skills and procedures
  • Proficient in making financial reports
  • Good in accounts payable practices

Work Experience

City Accountants Ltd, 2002–2006
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Accountant for different companies
  • Creating, maintaining, and up-keeping records
  • Inputting the information into the computer
  • Using accounting software when needed
  • Supervising the work of others
  • Research and documentation of problems and proposed solutions
  • Managing payroll records
  • Training and guidance of staff, interns and student employees performing related work
  • Executing job-related duties
  • Hiring of interns and internal volunteers

Work Experience

Assistant Accounting Clerks Supervisor
Nuclear Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd.
Chester Texas

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Making reports required by management or government agencies
  • Performing duties of accounting clerk and book keeper if required
  • Execute duties as described by clerical supervisor
  • Conduct meetings about work problems or grievances with union representatives
  • Purchase of stationery, office supplies and equipment
  • To ensure that all the accounting records are correct and complete
  • Perform various financial and budget analysis get an idea of the budgeting trends, tax revenue levels and the source of funding
  • To make sure that the financial statements are prepared with periodic updates from the government accounting offices


  • Master's Degree in Special Accounting
  • Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Accounting
  • Certification Associate Diploma in Accounting in financial softwares like Sage, Quickbooks and Myob
  • Certified Accounting Clerk
  • Certification in cost and work accounting


  • Experience in the field of general accounting
  • Experience with special operations and accounting
  • Experience with different software in the field of accounting
  • Experience with managerial skills


  • North American Accounting Clerk Society
  • National Accounting Association

Areas of Interest

  • Accounting large companies
  • Audit
  • Implementing technological processes
  • Research regarding new methods of accounting

References Michael Green
General Director
City Accountants Ltd.

Eric Smith
Human Resource Manager
Nuclear Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd.

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