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Cashier Resume

Usually, cashiers have to total bills, receive money, fill out charge forms in department stores, grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, and many other places. The cashiers have to receive payments and give change to customers. They need to make sure they give the correct change, because if not, the cash drawers will not balance.


Cashiers have to know how to process debit or credit card transactions because there are customers that pay like this. Cashiers in a grocery store have to scan the bar codes on products in the check-out. The tasks of a cashier extend to handling customer service inquiries. Other duties: prepare money bags for truck drivers, cash checks, take deposits, and verify if the money received from clients is counterfeit or legitimate.

A Cashier Resume needs to start with the contact information, with an introduction and a short qualifications summary. Then, you have to add the objective statement. The objective statement needs to show your dedication to the role of cashier and your desire to apply for the Cashier job offered by the company. The next section of your Cashier Resume has to be a bullet pointed list of your skills and capabilities. Here, you should list your ability of communicating with public, your understanding of figures and other skills applicable to the job. The following section of your Cashier Resume has to focus on your work experience. Talk about your duties and responsibilities in your previous positions. Then add a section with your qualifications. It isn't necessary to have many qualifications for the position, but if you do have them, they are going to be in your advantage. The main qualities needed for this position are reliability, seriousness and good mathematical knowledge, so you should focus on these more. For additional help, you may refer to this link.

Cashier Resume Sample

Contact Information
Name: Elaine Ross
Address: 234 Pine Street
Marital Status: Single
Birth date: 18.10.1984


The cashier position is much needed, to receive money, to give the change in department stores, grocery stores, movie theaters.


I seek for a challenging position as a Cashier in a reputed organization where I can use my skills and experience to serve customers.


A professional, well- organized and experienced cashier, who understands figures and has excellent interpersonal skills.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to analyze and to solve problems
  • Proficiency in account balancing
  • Knowledge of cash management principles and procedures
  • Knowledge of accounting principles and practices
  • Proficiency in bookkeeping
  • Customer service skills and orientation

Cashier, Kmart, Yorktown Heights, NY, 2008-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Received payment of credit cards, check, vouchers or cash
  • Maintained non-monetary reports and records
  • Answered customer's questions and offered additional information to them when needed
  • Provided friendly customer service
  • Operate cash register
Cashier Supervisor, Parking Solutions Inc., Columbus, OH, 2003-2008
  • Provided support for cashiers in order to perform their duties with seriouness
  • Trained Cashiers regarding different aspects of the position
  • Make sure the paperwork of the Cashiers' is completed
  • Provide customer support and assistance
  • Verify cashier cash transfers

High School Diploma, Barnesville High School, Ohio

Areas of interest

Customer Service


References available upon request

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