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Currency Counter Resume

A job which involves working with money is a job with lots of responsibilities. The currency counter has to do so exchange operations in and from foreign currency, based on the clients' requests. He has the duty of informing customers about the possibilities and conditions of buying and selling foreign currencies.


A currency counter will have to work with cash in the currency exchange office, to record all transactions with foreign exchange and compare records with the existing cash register, to record information about the transactions made. Another important assignment that a currency counter has is to hold deposits of money and documents entrusted to him until the time of prescribing. He will be the one checking if the money deposited in the office is genuine, valid and intact and will be responsible for it.

A currency counter will work in banks and in exchange offices, behind a counter which is protected by a securitized glass, using a money counting machine and a computer in order to examine money and keep record of the exchange transactions which are made.

Working with money can be a stressful job, but for those people who want this position it is necessary to draft a resume, describing them in the best way, exposing their qualities and abilities to handle this job.

Currency Counter Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Nat Harms
Birth date: 14.04.1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


A currency counter is the person serving you when you need to exchange money. He will have to respond to any question you may have related to the exchange transactions. He has to work sometimes in shifts and to have great attention and concentration abilities in order to respond immediately and correctly to the clients' requests.


To obtain a currency counter job where I would perform well using my previous experience; to learn more and to improve my interpersonal skills.


Trustworthy, hard working with a great power of concentration and an excellent ability to work with numbers, I have confidence in my abilities and I am sure that I am the right person for the job.


  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Hard working and reliable
  • Pleasant appearance
  • Accuracy
  • Math skills
Work Experience

Currency counter,
Eve Exchange Office, Dakota, 2007-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Exchanging money in or from foreign currency
  • Recording all transactions with foreign exchange
  • Examining money to detect and remove counterfeit
  • Providing the required information
  • Recording invoices

High School Diploma, Dakota University, Dakota, 2005


Performed exchange money activities and solved all problems

Areas of interest



Mathew Johnson
Eve Exchange Office, Dakota

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