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Field Cashier Work Resume

The Field Cashier works in construction projects and is in charge of supervising and coordinating the activities of the clerical workers who are handling the distribution and compiling of the payrolls and the cost data. The field cashier makes inventories and keeps account books in order to make sure that the project is within the budget's limits.


She has to make sure that everyone is aware of the amount of money allocated for a specific project so that the budget is not exceeded. S/he determines the way in which the labor force necessary is used and the paychecks that are to be given.

In order to be eligible for this position you need to have mathematical skills and you have to be knowledgeable of the construction industry. You need strong abilities to estimate the budget needed for a specific project and the way in which this particular sum will be distributed to the various departments on the construction site.

The resume for the position of field cashier should emphasize the extensive experience you possess in the field and your ability to estimate on the expenses of various construction projects. For further understanding of this job, have a look at the sample resume below.

Field Cashier Resume Sample

Personal Details:
Name: Sarah Smith
Birth Date: 25 July 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


It is my objective to obtain the open position as field cashier at your company. It is my goal to lead the team of workers under my supervision in an efficient manner so as to ensure the proper development of the project under hand. I want to use my vast experience in the field to help the company stay within budget with each project.


I have a BS in Administrative Management and an MA in Construction Administration. I have worked in the field for quite some time and I have managed to not only stay in the budget allocated but to minimize the expenses of the projects, so I can say that I am the perfect candidate for this position.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Good communication skills
  • Financial skills
  • Ability to oversee the work of others
  • Ability to develop good working relationships
  • Cost estimation abilities

Work Experience

Field Cashier, 2009 to present
Weatherby Construction Company, Any City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Supervised the activities of the clerical workers handling the office duties at a construction project
  • Overseeing the work of the employees handling the distribution of payrolls, keeping account books and inventories
  • Keeping track of the activities with the help of records
  • Evaluating the performance of the subordinates if needed
  • Making suggestions and recommendations to secure a better performance at the job
  • Discussed with suppliers and negotiated better costs for the materials necessary in construction
  • Discussed with the management to make sure that they accept the budget proposed so as to be able to complete the project in time and by using quality equipment and materials and specialized workers

Assistant Field Cashier, 2005-2009
Weatherby Construction Company, Any City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Helping the field cashier in coordinating the assignments and the activities of the clerical workers handling the field office duties at construction projects
  • Performed any office duty as required
  • Discussed with the constructor to see what is needed on site and verify if the expense is worth making


BS in Administrative Management, ABC University, 2003
Masters Degree in Construction Administration, ABC University, 2005

Areas of Interest

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Office duties


Kelly May
General Manager
Weatherby Construction Company, Any City, USA

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