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Night Auditor Resume

Night auditors work for motels or hotels and do the bookkeeping, but they may also act as a front desk agent. With the exception of small motels, most sizes and types of these businesses employ night auditors. Motels usually employ auditors for part-time positions, but bigger hotels might employ one part-time auditor and one full-time. Depending on the size of the business, the duties may vary, but the main responsibility for a night auditor is handling the account duties at the end of the day.


Night auditors have to audit the daily guest ledgers of the organization to balance and verify entries. They have to also verify and balance the ledger entries of the restaurant, if the hotel has one. They verify the ledger of every account receivable, including room service, room charges and telephone calls. The night auditor has to correct and investigate any discrepancy, to create daily deposits and ensure a correct starting cash amount for the morning, at the front desk.

This position doesn't imply only accounting duties. These auditors will also act as front-desk clerks at the hotel or motel, during the quieter hours of the night. If they are working for a larger hotel, they will assist full-time desk agents. The responsibilities of a night auditor include taking reservations by phone, checking guests out or in, providing services like filling requests for extra linen, offering directions to nearby restaurants or stores, refunding money in case of attempts to use broken vending machines and also keeping an eye on security footage. Night auditors may also have to respond to complaints from guests regarding room conditions or noise.

Employers usually hire candidates with only a high school degree, but bigger businesses will prefer candidates with general accounting or bookkeeping knowledge.

Night Auditor Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Sarah Clifford
Birth Date: 13 May 1981
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to fill the position of a night auditor.

Education and Professional Training

  • High School diploma from the Paradise High School, Denver, Colorado in 1999
  • Strong ability to deal with external and internal guests
  • Remarkable ability to resolve conflicts and collect accurate information
  • Excellent ability to maintain a clean, neat and well-groomed appearance
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Solid knowledge of accounting operations
  • Well versed in the use of computer software
  • Strong ability to balance and post charges accurately
Professional Experience

2000-Present date: Night auditor for Grand Skyline Hotels, Denver, Colorado

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Providing efficient, hospitable and friendly service at the front desk
  • Listening attentively to the guests to understand their requests
  • Completing the registration process by retrieving and inputting information from a computer system and confirming accurate information to guests' reservations
  • Verifying and swiping credit cards for authorization
  • Handling cash, making change and balancing any assigned house bank
  • Accepting and recording traveler checks, vouchers and other forms of payment
  • Introducing messages into the computer
  • Retrieving mails, messages and facsimiles for guests, as requested
  • Remaining alert and calm, especially during heavy resort activity
  • Closing guest accounts at the moment of the check out

Participated in various projects and stood out as a model employee.

Areas of interest

  • Literature
  • Photography

Available upon request

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