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Revenue Agent Resume

People and companies of whichever size have to file income tax returns with the local and the federal governments to show their expenses and earnings each year. A tax examiner will regularly have to review individual income tax returns, whereas a revenue agent is responsible for auditing and reviewing business tax returns. An agent who is hired by the federal government is normally in charge of the country's authorized revenue agency, for instance the United States Internal Revenue Service, and has to verify federal business tax returns for accuracy.


A federal revenue agent must keep up with continuously changing tax regulations to guarantee that the business tax returns are appropriately completed and processed. He is in charge of finding any falsified reporting or hiding of income on tax returns. Computerized databases follow studies and tendency of tax offenders in turn of federal agent to be on guard for doubtful business returns.

The tax returns for undersized firms are typically verified by junior federal agents. As his career advances, an agent will normally be promoted to working with larger companies' tax returns. A few agents focus on verifying tax returns for an individual area of expertise, for instance construction, retail or real estate.

A revenue agent who is hired by a regional or state government is in charge of reviewing the tax returns of companies and firms in his region or state. An agent utilizes the data gathered by the federal government revenue agent, in addition to his particular region or state's earnings and sales tax regulations and needs, to settle on the exactness of tax returns made by firms in the region. In addition, a local agent might be accountable for reviewing particular income tax returns.

Revenue Agent Resume Sample

Contact Details
Name: Darryl Kent
Address: 22, Red Street
Redville, US, 87899
Home: (111) 667-1234,
Mobile: (664) 987-8673


Seeking a position as Revenue Agent


  • Vastly talented, active and resourceful Revenue Agent with immense experience in conducting autonomous audits and examinations of federal income tax returns to confirm or revise tax accountability.
List of Qualifications
  • Over 4 years of experience.
  • Outstanding capability to concentrate on details and be precise.
  • Exceptional ability to gather data correctly, and understand it.
  • Admirable communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Sound capacity of using IT packages counting Microsoft Excel, Word and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Deep capability in utilizing an automated payroll scheme.
  • Outstanding acquaintance with Statutory Payments and Deductions comprising SSP, TAX, SMP, NI etc.
  • Solid knowledge of Local Government Pay and regulations.
Professional Experience

Dept. of Administration, Bigville,
2006 - Present

Revenue Agent

  • Go over chosen tax returns to settle on the nature and degree of auditing to be carried out.
  • Examine accounting records and books to conclude on the correctness of accounting activities employed and on the fulfillment of legislative provisions.
  • Examine documents, operation methods, financial transactions, industry practices and alike legal tools as leases, vouchers, wills and contracts to develop data about completeness of tax returns and accounting records.
  • Inspect and gather federal tax felonies.
  • Acts as element of local, appeals board to reconsider unsettled problems in terms of pertinent regulations and laws.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
GBH University, 2002

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