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Administrative Resume

An administrative job needs excellent administrative and clerical skills. Hence, you need to make sure that you send a well-written resume to your future employer. In this competitive era, you should make sure that your approach is professional to get an edge over the other applicants. An administrative resume must highlight your skills, achievements and professional experience related to the job. Avoid sending a generic resume when applying for an administrative job.


Each resume must be drafted specifically for the job opening you are applying for. Research about the company you are applying for, find the skills they need for the particular job, then draft you resume keeping these details in mind. Before you start drafting your administrative resume, make sure you collect all the data related to your professional experience, education details, skills and achievements.

Various sections of an administrative resume are as follows

  • Contact details
  • Objective
  • Professional experience
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Education details
  • References

These sections can be further classified as follows:

Contact details:

When you are sending your resume, your aim is to get a call for an interview. Your resume must have your contact details so that the recruiter can call you for an interview round. Provide details such as your full name, correspondence postal address, contact number and email address. Mention a professional email address such as


Your job objective should be the highlight of your resume. Limit the job objective to two or three sentences. One must avoid writing a generic job objective such as 'Looking for ___ job profile that will help me utilize my skills'. Such job objective statements are used by most candidates and the recruiter may not read your resume after going through such job objective. You may write job objective such as, "To utilize eight years of my work experience in the administrative field to contribute in various areas such as customer service, word processing, accounting, and office management."

Professional experience:

Professional experience needs to be mentioned in a chronological order starting from the latest. You must mention your recent job experience at the top followed by the other experience in reverse order. Provide details such as your job profile, duration you worked in the organization, organization's name, and your roles and responsibilities in the organization. Place emphasis on the roles and responsibilities. Use bullet points to highlight them so that the recruiter can easily read them. Highlight those roles and responsibilities that will be helpful for the job you are applying for.


For an administrative job, it is important to have experience of using computer. List your proficiency in using various softwares such as MS word, MS excel, MS access, MS power point, tally etc. Mention your typing speed. Highlight your word processing skills. Mention your soft skills such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, skills to work in a team, leadership skills etc.


Mention your achievements related to the administrative field. Mention the details of awards or certificates you received for your performance during your previous jobs. You can mention your academic achievements if you have recently graduated and do not have much work experience.

Education details:

Education details must be listed in reverse chronological order. Provide details such as the degree name, the year of passing, university name, and your grade. Mention your grades only if they are excellent. Skip mentioning the year of passing if you have completed your education long back. Mention the details of a certification course or specialized training you attended that helped you in the administrative field.


You can mention minimum two and maximum four references in your resume. If you don't want to mention references in your resume, then mention that reference will be provided if necessary. There are various administrative resumes on this site that can be used as a guideline when you are drafting your resume. These resume will help you to highlight the appropriate details that will grab the attention of the recruiter.

Following are the administrative sample resumes:

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