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Contest Coordinator Resume

We live in communities, in which we like to permanently compare ourselves with our neighbors (such as who has the best car or house or the most beautiful and smart kids, etc.) The social comparison is explainable, psychologically speaking, as we are tempted to permanently watch what the others do and compare their deeds to our own. That, if done in a constructive way, is a wheel of progress. From time immemorial, the members of the human communities have enjoyed the idea of getting involved in competitions of all sorts: they would decide the best hunter, fisherman and warrior in this way. In the antique times, many sports competitions were invented, in order to test the participants' dexterity and skills. A contest is actually a thematic competition. While making a contest coordinator resume make sure to write about your interests in administration, songs and all other cultural activities. Whether we may talk about song contests, sports contests or any other types of such competitions, one thing is clear: they are very important to the present society, in which the idea of competition is strongly encouraged, starting from the capitalist economic systems and ending with the talents' contests. But a contest is a complex event, which has to be managed in the right way. There has to be someone who would coordinate the actions of all the participants, and integrate these actions within a coherent whole. Communicating with the organizers and sponsors, setting details like the time and place, making sure that the food and beverage are delivered on time, all these fall into the responsibility of the contest coordinator.


They have to be an extremely organized person, with very good communication and presentation skills and an eye for details. Here is how the resume of such a person should look like.

Contest Coordinator Sample Resume

Personal details

Name: Johanna Ono
Address: 94 Morganton Street, Denver
Marital status: Married
Mobile no- (476)498 2465
Birth date: 29.03.1976


Being a contest coordinator does not simply refer to putting all the details of a competition together, but assembling all these elements so as to create a harmonious and coherent whole.


To become a contest coordinator within your company, and thus to be able to make use of my skills and my previous work experience in order to turn the contests that you are organizing into lively and disciplined events.

Skills and core competencies

  • Hard working
  • Tenacious and responsible
  • Ambitious and very organized
  • Hardworking and tenacious
  • Very good organization abilities
  • Very good communication and presentation skills

Technical skills

Very proficient with the computer and the other information and communication technologies.

Work experience

Event manager, The Estrada Company, Denver, 2007–2011

Duties and responsibilities

  • Organize events
  • Communicate with all the participants
  • Make rehearsals
  • Take care that the food and the other services be delivered in due time
  • Conduct meeting with staff and volunteers at the event sites for coordination for different units
  • Make reports on event like functioning, execution of activities and financial expenditures
  • Conducted meetings with sponsors and organizing committees to discuss execution of the event, and made budget to cover expenses or to examine administrative work and the progress of event preparation
  • Administered event activities and various other details like financial operations, circulation of promotional materials and answering queries
  • Obtain necessary permissions and permits from various departments like health and public safety department and fire brigade to erect displays and exhibits and serve food at events
  • Hire, train and administer volunteers and staff needed for event


Diploma in Event Management
The Ortega High School, Denver, 2003
Graduation in Event Management, University of Denver
Post graduation degree in Event Management, University of Denver


  • Great results in communicating with people and in coordinating them
  • Great results in organizing successful events

Areas of interest

Public Relations


Mr. Dan Akroyd,
The Estrada Company,

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