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Contract Administrator Resume

A Contract Administrator is a skilled worker, who is responsible for managing the company's contracts. Contract Administrators are responsible for supervising the activities related to obtaining contracts for buying or selling products or services.


They have to check the operation requirements, the time of delivery and the costs of the goods and service to make sure that everything is complete and accurate. Contract administrators have to prepare process qualifications and progress reports; they have to analyze bids from other companies to make sure that contract requirements are accurately respected. They also have to negotiate contracts with clients and to offer amendments or extensions of contracts when needed. Contract Administrators collaborate with the planning and production departments and offer them advices on contractual rights.

The first things you have to add when writing your Contract Administrator Resume are the contact information where you have to add your name, address and phone number; then, you have to add a short introduction describing what this position means to you. The next section, you can add is the summary of qualifications describing your most important skills and qualifications. Then, you can add the objective statement, working experience and training. In the objective statement, write what type of job you are looking for and what skills you have to gain the job.

In the abilities section, you can add skills like excellent decision-making and communication skills. In the working experience section, present your previous jobs from your current to the last position you held. Describe what were your main tasks and responsibilities and add the name of the position, the name of the company and the period of employment. The final section of your resume has to be about your training and education. If you want to be a successful candidate then you must have a degree in business, human resources management or any related field.

Contract Administrators represent the liaison between a company and its business investors, making sure that the company gains the most benefit from every contract.

Contract Administrator Resume Sample

Contact Information
Name: Daniel Anderson
Address: 25 Tennessee Ave
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 07.11.1979


From my experience, I can state that Contract administrators are responsible for managing company's contracts.


Seeking a position as a Contract Administrator, where my strong analytical and organizational skills will contribute to the overall growth of the company


Enthusiastic and dynamic Contract Administrator with extensive experience in administering and managing contracts for various projects in the business field

Skills and qualifications

  • Expertise in administrative contract management
  • Proficiency in using Windows programs and applications
  • Outstanding communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to interact efficiently with customers
  • Proficient in editing and disseminating relevant information

Contract Administrator IV, Defense Contract Management Agency, Montgomery County, MD, 2006-present

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Collected various documentation and analyzed the content
  • Analyzed contracts to define contractual issues
  • Respected the requirements of customers and contractors
Contract Administrator II, Camber Corporation, Cambridge, MA, 2001-2006

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Provided various types of services for the clients of the company
  • Responsible for preparing contract reviews for board meetings
  • Managed and analyzed contracts, statistics and reports
  • Determined the sales and the profit of the company

Master's Degree in Business Marketing, New York University, NY
Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration, New York University, NY

Achievements and affiliations

Member of the American Society for Business Contractors since 2007

Areas of interest

Business Administration

Available upon request

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