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Health Care Facility Administrator Resume

Health care facility administration is an active and rising field. As said by the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of job positions for health-care administrators will increase by 16% during the year 2018. Clinics, hospitals and other patient care sites will employ the largest segment of these administrators to develop the efficiency and quality of health care, put into practice innovative technology, meet the terms of changing policies, add to employee maintenance and encourage preventative care. If one is interested in this area of expertise, he or she should create a resume that emphasizes on qualifications and familiarity with the health care.


Utilize a reverse chronological system, which consists of all the education and employment data, starting with the present and working towards the past. Recruiters in the health care business favor this arrangement and presume one is trying to cover up employment breaches if he or she uses other styles. The resume should begin with a powerful phrase that shows performance. Placed directly under the header, this small paragraph highlights 3 to 5 of the candidate's greatest abilities and accomplishments.

When an administrator puts together his resume, it is better to expand the working experience by explaining every duty and task as recruiters are interested in the number of subordinates and the amount of money and budget they managed. In a lot of cases, the companies that hire are not acquainted with some small businesses and need extra explaining regarding previous jobs.

A very important fact is to call attention to the executive and financial analysis abilities in one's achievement statements. The health care facility administrators in charge of larger organizations and institutions oversee a lot of employees and keep up equipment that worth's maybe over a couple of millions of dollars.

On the other hand, another important point in a resume is mentioning all certificates, credentials, honors and awards for one to be distinguished from other applicants to that job. The majority of companies require employees in this position with the minimum of a Master's Degree in Business Administration, Health Services Administration, Public Health or Health Sciences. Some of the smaller institutions have no problems in recruiting a candidate with just a Bachelor's Degree, asking maybe just for additional certifications or licensing. It's very important to mention any partaking in conferences, seminars and workshops, above all, those regarding leadership, conflict resolution, technology and finance.

Health Care Facility Administrator Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Marry Ann Smiths
Address: 21 Mellow Street
Big City, US 78655
Home: (545) 646-7474
Mobile: (282) 929-9181


Dedicated and capable professional seeking job opening for Health Care Facility Administrator in order to demonstrate my great leadership skills and my ability to manage large budgets and many subordinates.

List of Qualifications

  • Practiced health care worker, with over 10 years of experience
  • Devoted leader with problem solving capabilities
  • Analytical thinking with strong knowledge of accountancy
  • Computer proficient
  • Solid communication and interpersonal abilities


Health Care Facility Administrator 2007 - present:
Some city Hospital, Some city, US

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for managing the facility, as well as supervising and coordinating a variety of functions, for instance human resources, finance, marketing, and health care in collaboration with the leaders of different departments.
Was in charge of a budget of over 2 million $ and a staff of over 200 employees.

Assistant Nursing Coordinator, 2001-2007:
Another Hospital, Another City, US

Duties and Responsibilities

Performed tasks regarding the nursing staff in order to coordinate and manage development, observation, training and implementation of different health care services.


Master's Degree in Health Services Administration
ABC University, 2000, Someville, US
R.N. Nurse
ABC University, 1996, Someville, US
Involvements and Accolades
Member of the National Association of Health Care Administrators

Available upon request

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