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Office Secretary Resume

If you are thinking of becoming a secretary, you must know some things about this job. First of all, you need to have some knowledge of administrative work, and you must know how to use a computer. You will mostly do office work, this means you will receive clients in the company, meet and greet them. You will also answer phone calls, send emails, and keep in contact with the company's clients. Sometimes, depending of the industry you are working in, you will have to sign deals, and contracts, and assist the manager with some of their tasks. Here is an example of an office secretary resume. Replace all the fictional data with your own, and make sure you highlight the things you will need the most to get the job. In this case, make sure you add whatever office skills you have, like computer skills. Knowledge of foreign languages will help you, because not all the candidates possess these. An office secretary must know how to use a computer, and the basic computer programs and also needs to know how to work on MS Office, and with the internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer. An office secretary also plays a big role in hiring people. She reviews their applications and calls them for job interviews. An office secretary must be friendly, polite, and well mannered. She needs to possess certain skills and abilities, such as good management abilities, to be able to multitask, and good organization skills.


Personal Details

Name: Maria Lohan
Nationality: American
Driver's license: yes
Phone number: (555)5844 4356
Address: Rodeo Drive 54, Texas


I want to work as an office secretary for your company, because I think it will provide me with good career opportunities. I am looking to work in a company where I can show my skills and abilities, and to have a nice work environment.


  • Very good communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to work well with other people, and under stress
  • Available to work over schedule
  • Organization skills, ability to handle more tasks at the same time
  • Good management abilities
  • Good convincing skills
  • Assertive but friendly person, self confident
  • Neat and pleasant appearance
  • Customer focused administrative professional
  • Multi tasking ability
  • Ability to work without supervision
  • Ability to explain company's policies and procedures
  • Ability to work mass public
  • Proficient in performing various clerical tasks like record keeping and filing
  • Good eye for details, and ability to prioritize tasks well
  • Ability to work fast and in an efficient manner
  • Strong computer skills, MS Office, Excel, Adobe, Internet browsers and Win mentor
  • Good knowledge of Spanish and French

Work Experience

Office secretary, Blue Print Corporation, Texas 2004–2008

  • Arranged the manager's daily agenda
  • Did recruiting work, reviewed applications, called candidates for interviews
  • Signed deals and contracts when the manager was not available
  • Meet and greet clients
  • Answered phone calls and responding to emails and faxes
  • Maintain financial records of office funds
  • Providing support to higher level hierarchy like vice president and board members
  • Maintaining office related confidential information
  • Attending training to improve skills and office related work
  • Arranging meetings with managers for master reports
  • Performing other administrative duties as assigned
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Drafting and editing short office memos


  • High school diploma, California High, 1999– 2002
  • Bachelor's degree in finance and administration, University of California, 2002–2005
  • Certification course in MS Office
  • Certification in Advanced French
  • Beginner course in Spanish
  • Certification course in secretarial training
  • Executive secretary associate's certificate program


Vincent Clark
Blue Print Corporation, Texas

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