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Personnel Scheduler Resume

A personnel scheduler has the duty to settle and record work assignments following the criteria of the workers' job classification, seniority, availability and other preferences. S/he also must oversee the distribution of work schedules, and make changes in case of emergencies caused by increased production requirements and extended leave. A personnel scheduler is in charge of compiling annual lists on which workers choose vacation preferences, and s/he also has to agree or not with leave requests in order to prevent production losses. A personnel scheduler's job is important because s/he spares the business owners and managers from wasting time concerning about personnel scheduling and allows them to perform their original duties.


Personnel schedulers must have knowledge of clerical duties, customer and personal service, administration and management, mathematics, and of the English language. As for the skills required, personnel schedulers must have time management skills, active listening, reading comprehension, and speaking skills. The abilities needed for this position include oral expression, near vision, oral comprehension, written comprehension and ordering information.

If you have decided to follow this career path, make sure you include in your resume the skills and abilities which recommend you for this job. You can choose from the ones presented above, as long as they define you. Take a look at the sample resume for a better comprehension of the requirements for this field.

Personnel Scheduler Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Aron McKenly
Address:123 Valley Avenue , New York, USA, 99999
Home: (555) 236 8479
Cell: (555) 748 9904


Seeking a position as Personnel Scheduler

Summary of Qualifications

  • Over five years of experience in personnel scheduling
  • Solid management skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • Knowledge of clerical, customer and personal service
  • Good knowledge of English language, including grammar, speech and spelling
  • Active listening and reading comprehension skills
  • Information ordering skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to preserve efficient work relationships with other workers
Professional Experience

Garett Production, Inc., New York, USA
Personnel Scheduler, 2002 - Present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Compiled personnel assignment schedules in the manufacturing plant
  • Studied staffing tables and production schedules in order to meet personnel needs as well
  • Determined and recorded work assignments following criteria like job classification, availability, preferences and seniority
  • Oversaw and compiled the distribution of work schedules
  • Adjusted schedules in case of emergencies caused by high production demands and extended leave
  • Developed annual lists and asked workers to choose vacation preferences
  • Approved or denied leave requests in order to prevent production losses
Garett Production, Inc., New York, USA
Assistant Personnel Scheduler, 2000 - 2002

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted the head personnel scheduler with general duties
  • Compiled personnel assignment schedules
  • Recorded work assignments following criteria like seniority, job classification, staff availability and preferences

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, 1999
New York University, New York, USA

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