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Preschool Administrator Resume

A preschool administrator puts together the yearly budget for the facility. Generally, this budget is examined, voted on and accepted by the school board, however, the administrator is the person who builds it and tags along it during the year. The preschool administrator normally has authority in using the school's accounts.

Job duties and tasks for a Preschool administrator:

  • The preschool administrator recruits teachers and aides, appoints interviews and hires workers
  • S/he decides on the teacher payments derived from the yearly budget plan and takes care of payroll issues
  • It is her/his duty to look for substitute teachers when resident teachers are incapable of making it to classes


  • The preschool administrator ought to make sure that s/he keeps the communication levels up between the staff and her (him) self, the parents and the students as well at all times. S/he has to pay attention to the teachers' problems and assist them with solutions
  • Arranges for a school internet site to inform parents about field trips, weather cancellations, book orders and fundraisers
  • Parents frequently want the school to be attentive to whichever life changes the child is dealing with, and it is the responsibility of the administrator to focus on students in particular situations
  • The administrator follows student check-ups and illnesses and the ones who skip too many school classes to ensure that they are heading towards recovery
  • Collects and analyzes the survey data, regulatory information, and employment trends, in order to forecast enrollment patterns and the need for curriculum changes.

Skills and abilities

  • Active listening: giving full attention to what others are saying
  • Time management
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Instructing
  • Learning strategies
  • Oral and written expression
  • Oral and written comprehension
  • Originality
  • Speech clarity
  • Monitoring


  • Knowledge of personal recruitment, selection and training
  • Customer assessment and customer satisfaction
  • Training, teaching, and instructing individuals or groups
  • Knowledge of business management and human resources
  • Extensive knowledge of English language
  • Clerical knowledge such as: managing records, designing forms, word processing, etc.
  • Knowledge of human behavior

A resume should describe or list about candidate’s qualifications, work experience, talents, and his /her nature of behavior. It would be better if you write about the achievements in your prior job. This would indicate to the reader how good your work ethics and your dedication towards the job are. Basic aim of your resume is to create the best first impression you can depending on the amount of efforts you put in.

Below is a sample of Preschool Administrator resume.

Preschool Administrator Resume Sample

Contact Details

Name: Kendra Milles
Address: 12, Blue Avenue
Big City, US 12345
Home: (123) 888 1234
Mobile: (123) 888 4567


Passionate professional seeking a position as a Preschool Administrator

List of Skills

  • Acquainted with all the preschool functions and procedures
  • Practiced as preschool teacher
  • Good interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Computer proficient: advanced working with MS Office, Internet and Mailing

Professional History

Preschool Administrator,
Sunny Hills Preschool, Big City, US

Job duties

  • Supervising and planning the everyday activities and exercises appropriately for the 3 to 5 year olds together with the teacher
  • Periodically meet up with parents to discuss fees and other taxes
  • Forwarded a pleasant and professional image of the school
  • Announced job openings and recruited more than 3 teachers
  • Once in a while, checked teacher records
  • Kept records regarding the expenses and profits of the school facility
  • Organized gatherings and parties in order to raise money for the school
  • Took care of the payments for rent, educational materials and food

Preschool Teacher
Sunny Hills Preschool, Big City, US

Job duties

  • Planned the activities of 3 to 5year olds
  • Met up with parents to discuss about their children's progress and performance
  • Conducted monthly meetings with the staff


Bachelor's Degree in Preschool Administration, 2002
ABC University, Big City, US

Involvements and Accolades

  • Member of the American Association of Preschool Administrators
  • Received the Award for Member with the Most Accomplishments, 2008

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