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Tourist Information Assistant Resume

A tourist information assistant is a beautiful job for those who have knowledge about geography. A tourist information assistant works in a tourist information center. His job is to communicate with tourists, in person, writing or by telephone. The purpose is to answer the questions that the tourists may have and provide them the correct information regarding historical sites, tourist attractions and any other subjects related to tourism.


The main duties of a tourist information assistant are: promoting places, composing responses to all inquiries, keeping records and a database of tourists and of their tour itinerary. He is also responsible for maintaining stable relations with customers and representatives of hotels, helping tourists solving all the occasional problems, supervising the activities for issuing health insurance green cards and organizing special events. It is imperative for a tourist information assistant to have knowledge in tourism, in the attractions and facilities of different places he is trying to promote and to update permanently his information regarding new places to visit, accommodation and special events.

If this job sounds suitable for you, then you have to make a good resume and to apply for the position. In order to write a complete and competitive tourist information assistant resume, please take a look at the example given below. Include in your resume, your work experience as a tourist information assistant, if you have any, your great interpersonal skills (because you have to communicate with different kinds of people), as well as your training and education.

Tourist Information Assistant Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Patrick Adamson
Birth Date: 29.07.1986
Nationality: British
Driver's License: Yes


Tourism is very important in our days because daily pressure and stress are higher and everyone needs a holiday once in a while. So as to avoid having unpleasant surprises during your holiday more and more people ask for a tourist information assistant's help.


To become a tourist information assistant in your center and to demonstrate my vast knowledge and experience to help clients.


Hard working, good with public, well trained, with a pleasant appearance, qualified to answer questions about tourism. I am able to make the best recommendations according to every tourist's individual desires.


  • Ability to work long hours
  • Computer skills
  • Resistant to stress
  • Attention to details
  • Written and verbal skills
  • Geography knowledge
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Positive personality
  • Organizational skills

Work Experience

Tourist Information Assistant, Hercules tour Visitor Center, New York, 2008-present
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helping visitors choose location, hotel, restaurant
  • Offering tourists historical sites, maps, brochures, information regarding all attractions
  • Contacting representatives of hotels
  • Organizing and coordinating various special events
  • Supervising the activities for issuing health insurance green cards and rental cars
High School Diploma, 2008

American Association of Tourism Professionals, member since 200


  • Received a diploma for the best tourist information assistant of the center
  • Obtained very good results working with tourists
  • Organized ten different events in past 3 years

Areas of Interest

  • Geography
  • Tourism
  • Public Relations


Laura Richards,
American Association of Tourism Professionals

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