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Advertising Resume

Advertising is a way of promoting some product or service. It is an attempt of persuading potential customers to procure services of a certain company. Advertisements belong to the service industry and are growing very rapidly. You can have a very glamorous career in this sector. A good advertisement resume would help to gain the most desired job in this field.


There are many formats, which are being used today in writing a resume. You can choose any one format to design your resume. However the format is not the only thing. The information you provide should be in line with the employer's expectations for the recruiter to hire you. Here are a few important tips which, if followed religiously, will certainly help you to draft an effective resume.

  • It is seen many a time that people provide too much information in their resume. Never overdose the information. Be clever and provide only relevant information.
  • Write your full name and personal details like date of birth, e mail, phone number (with area code) and address with pin code. Write the details without mistakes.
  • Place the contact details in the beginning of the resume for employers to find the details without any hassles; in case you are shortlisted for the job.
  • Be very clear in writing your career objective. Avoid long sentences and do not do a word game while writing about your objectives. The objectives can be specific as well as general. For example a specific objective would be, "A position as an assistant engineer in XYZ Company." Example of general career objectives is, "A position that will utilize my knowledge for the growth of the company".
  • Mention your key skills in bullet points. Do not write too many points. If the information is huge, club it. For example you can club 'systematic', 'organized' and 'hard working' in one point.
  • Write a brief account of your educational qualifications in this section. Mention the year, name of the school/college/institute, course attended and year of passing. If you had opted for special subjects, mention the subjects also under the headings of, 'subjects studied'.
  • Go anti chronologically and mention the name of the company, the duration you worked with the company and the designation you had in that company. Mention the job responsibilities also. Following is an example of writing your educational background in a correct format.

ABC Institute for Beauticians
Course attended: Graduation
Year of passing: 2007
ACB High School
Completed school education

We suggest you to mention at least two references in your resume. Write the full name of the person, current designation, address, e mail and contact number. Be very sure that the names of the people you are providing, know you personally. The may be contacted to judge your authenticity.
Read and re read the resume before sending it to any company. Edit your own resume. If you are not confident about the resume, take help from someone who knows about resume writing.

Advertising resumes should majorly highlight the candidate's skills and experience in the field. Like most resumes an advertisement resume should also be accompanied with a cover letter. Likewise a cover letter should also be effectively drafted. Most employers go through the cover letters to shortlist candidates for a job to save time from reading lengthy resume. Resumes therefore need to be precise for this reason but make sure that you do not ignore a cover letter.

We wish that the above mentioned tips and suggestions will make the task of resume writing, especially advertisement resume, simpler for you. Keep updating your resume for better results.

Following are the advertising sample resumes:

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