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Advertising Clerk Resume

The advertising clerk has to perform administrative and clerical activities in an advertising company.

The main duties of the advertising clerk refer to reviewing various orders and requests from clients or from the advertising agency where they work for compiling orders or project requests and determining their costs based on factors like position, size, number of insertions and so on. The Advertising clerks also have to fill orders or order data, to scan publication in order to spot designed publishers or to strictly verify the conformance of the published ads on the basis of the factors and specifications needed for the final cost.


The first things you have to add when writing your advertising clerk resume are the contact information with your name, address and phone number; then you have to add a short introduction describing what this positions means to you. You can also add the summary of qualifications describing your most important skills and qualifications. Then you can add the objective statement, the skills and qualifications, working experience, and training. In the objective statement write what type of job you are looking for and your willingness to acquire skills to gain the job.

In the abilities section, you can list general skills, but also specific skills you have gained as an advertising clerk. For example, decision-making skills or deep knowledge in fine arts techniques. In the working experience section present your previous job experiences from your current to the first position you held. Describe what were your main tasks and responsibilities like determining the costs of the ads or reviewed orders from clients. You can also add the name of the position, the name of the company and the period of employment. The final section of your resume has to be about your training and education. If you want to be a successful candidate you must have a degree in communications, marketing, journalism or other related fields.

Advertising clerks represent a very important part of the advertising team in a successful agency.

Sample Advertising Clerk Resume

Contact information
Name: Jennifer Adams
Address: 81 Pearl Street
Phone No. 121-456785
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 21.06.1980


Looking to obtain a challenging position as an Advertising Clerk in a growth-oriented company where I can use my organizational skills and my deep knowledge in the Advertising field.


Hard-working, organized and methodical advertising clerk with seven years experience in the advertising industry and with deep knowledge in the advertising industry.

Skills and qualifications

  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Time-management and multi-tasking skills
  • Extensive knowledge of the techniques and principles used in the Advertising Industry

Work Experience

Advertising clerk, Grey Advertising, New York, NY, 2005 - present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Compiled advertising orders and sent them to publishers
  • Verified the accuracy of the advertising orders and project according to client specifications
  • Calculated advertising costs based on variables like size, date and position by using the rate chart

Junior Advertising Associate, D & R Advertising, New York, NY, 2003-2005
Duties and responsibilities

  • Collaborated with clients in formulating ideas or media plans for various marketing campaigns
  • Coordinated the administrative requests to support teams and to submit on time the marketing project
  • Designed and presented creative briefs and ideas to clients using visual representations

Bachelor's Degree in Business and Advertising, New York University, NY

Areas of interest

  • Marketing
  • Business

References available on request

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