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Advertising Sales Agent Resume

A good place to start when drafting a resume is to check the requests made by employers in the field and the responsibilities of each job (to see if one's qualifications and abilities comply with the targeted job). This goes for any job, so also for drafting an advertising sales agent resume. Employers' Requests


Most employers request previous experience in the field (e.g.: advertising in magazines), impeccable client services skills, good organizing skills, multitasking, capability of working independently as well as part of a team, good presentation, negotiation and closing abilities, and problem solving abilities. Some employers also request post secondary specialized education, like economy.

Employers' requests can be related to personal qualities as well: desire to achieve results in the field, ability to comply with deadlines and to take responsibility, flexibility and availability for travel, good concentration and communication skills, highly motivated person and able to work extra-hours and as part of a team, career oriented person, good sense of initiative, persevering and dynamic person.

Other qualities an employer could expect to find in a potential advertising sales agent and would be a good idea to be listed in a resume are: relevant sales experience, good knowledge of the local market, computer operating abilities, knowledge of a foreign language, driving license, etc.

Usual Responsibilities

Among an advertising sales agent's responsibilities that should be taken into consideration when drafting a resume for such a position we could list: achieving targets in terms of identifying new clients for advertising; presenting the advertising support (e.g.: magazine) with emphasis on long time relations; developing business relations with client companies and providing creative advertising solutions (this could be considered the key demands); developing and implementing sales strategies; achieving sales targets and handling administrative tasks.

Other responsibilities that could be part of an advertising sales agent's job description (as seen in employment ads) are: promoting the company's image, following the company's business strategies, professionally presenting the company's services, maintaining client relations, achieving the sales plan, and following activity procedures.

Sample Advertising Sales Agent Resume


Career objective:

Advertising Sales Agent with over two years experience in selling advertising, including advertising in publications, custom made signs and radio advertising time, seeking the position of Advertising Sales Agent.

Qualifications and Abilities:

  • Relevant experience in the field of advertising sales
  • Knowledge of foreign languages - French - intermediate level
  • Experience in marketing strategies, product presentation, and sales techniques
  • Ability to asses customers' needs and satisfaction
  • Knowledge of communication and dissemination methods and techniques
  • Listening and understanding skills
  • Time management skills

Professional Experience

2008 - present
Advertising Sales Agent

  • Preparing and delivering sales presentations to customers
  • Explaining to customers about the specific types of advertising and how they will help to effectively promote their products or services.
  • Maintain existing accounts and developing new ones
  • Locating and contacting potential clients
  • Selling advertising space in local newspapers; supporting sales prospect and selling new advertising; -preparing and demonstrating presentations to clients and potential clients
  • Professionally representing the company
  • Providing high level customer service and developing promotions
  • Creating advertising campaigns for clients.

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