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Media Planner Resume

Media planners are those who help their clients to maximize the productivity of the marketing campaigns of the company. As media planning is considered to be one of the most important parts of the marketing campaign, having a successful media planner is vital.


The main responsibility of the media planner is to increase the productivity of a marketing campaign of a company through a specific medium like internet, print or broadcast. They have to make sure that the message of their campaign reaches the target audience, so that the company can receive the profit and can achieve the desired goals.

Media planners are an important part of the PR and advertising team and they are the ones who choose the best medium to obtain a successful marketing campaign. The duties of the media planner are to analyze the objectives, the budget and the target market and to coordinate with the creative department, so as to come up with the best methods to disseminate the message. In the end the media planner presents the concept proposals, the costs and the schedules of the campaign.

Tips to Write a Media Planner Resume

Your Media Planner Resume needs to start with the contact information, an introduction, a short qualifications summary and the objective statement. State what position you are looking for and what skills and qualifications you have obtained. The next section of your Media Planner Resume has to be a bullet pointed list of your skills and capabilities. Here you should list your ability to communicate effectively with the clients, your creative and innovative ideas, as well as other skills applicable to the job. The following section of your Media Planner Resume has to focus on your work experience. Talk about your duties and responsibilities in your previous positions. Then add a section with your qualifications. Usually, it is best to have a Bachelor's Degree in one of the areas: Marketing, Communication or Advertising.

Media planners are very important because they help the company increase its productivity by implementing various marketing campaigns. Make sure to list in your resume the sections mentioned above and to use action words throughout your entire resume.

Media Planner Resume Sample

Contact Information
Name: Sandy Potter
Address: 21 Ash Street
California, USA.
Ph: 444-910-209-000

Personal Information

Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 10.01.1980


From my experience I can state that the Media Planner is very important for the company's productivity and for attracting new customers.


Seeking a challenging position as Media Planner in a reputed company where my extensive marketing experience and knowledge will be further developed and utilized.


Creative, talented and professional Media Planner with solid experience in assisting clients with advertising objectives that fit their goals and budgets.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Exceptional time management, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Strong presentation and negotiation skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to analyze the client's needs and to develop a media plan in line with their budget and goals
Work Experience

Junior Advertising Media Planner, Zimmerman Advertising, New York, NY, 2006-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborated with clients to understand their goals and expectations
  • Researched and analyzed the target audience: habits and lifestyles
  • Provided the best media plan that matched the budget of the clients
Advertising Media Planner Assistant, Furman Roth Advertising, New York, NY, 2002-2006

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted the Senior Advertising Media Planner in the meetings with clients
  • Finished projects respecting the deadlines and budget set by clients
  • Master's Degree in Advertising, New York University, NY
  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, New York University, NY
Achievements and Affiliations

Member of the International Advertising Association

Areas of Interest

  • Advertising
  • Marketing

References available upon request

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