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Agent Resume

A resume is a professional document that is constructed in order to get a call for the interview from any of the reputed organization. It is important that your resume should look attractive and appealing, as it should catch the attention of the recruiter on its first look. Let us look on some of the important points that need to be considered before drafting the resume.


  • The resume should be short and precise i.e. it should be a maximum of two pages in length
  • The information entered in the resume should be correct and to the best of your knowledge
  • Highlight the essential features of your resume i.e. your credentials including the past and present experience along with the roles and responsibilities you undertook, academic qualifications, skill set, achievements, and contact details along with email address and telephone number.
  • Recheck the resume twice before sending it to the recruiter so that the errors can be removed. This includes checking of spelling, grammar, sentence construction, and format.
  • Use bullet points to describe your experience and job description, as it adds emphasis to your resume
  • Use suitable sub-title or sub-heading for describing the points, as it gives an attractive and appealing effect
  • Mention the reference in your resume because sometimes it helps you in getting the job

Agent is a person who acts as a mediatory between two people or between two organizations. Every organization, either it be government or private consult agencies for hiring people and other work related issues. In short, an agent acts on behalf of another person or other organization. There are many roles of an agent such as reservation agent, call center agent, air cargo agent, circus agent, and other types of agents. Therefore, the duties of agent may differ from one prospect to the other. Below are some of the examples that will justify the above statement.

  • Reservation Agent: The duty of the reservation agent includes collecting the payment from the customers, computing cost for the travel and accommodation and answering the customer's query in an effective manner. They are also responsible for providing the best possible services to the customers and maintaining the record of the customer's details including the financial aspect. They also create budget and agendas considering the customer's requirements.

  • Advertising Sales Agent: They are responsible for advertising the products in order to increase the sale. They have to conducts the market survey and prepare a statistical report according to that survey. They are also responsible for resolving the issues of the customer. They have to maintain a database for the sales activities.

  • Air Cargo Agent: Air cargo agent are responsible for providing airfreight evaluation to their customers, analyzing the consignment, preparing bills to receive payment, and helping the workers and co-workers in completing their work. They also have to keep a check on the completion of the work within the given deadline and ensuring safe loading and unloading of the goods. They also keep a record of the names of the crew member along with the flight number.

  • Circus Agent: The duty of the circus agent includes planning and arranging the location for the upcoming show, scheduling the show/event and developing market strategies as per the survey and performing research activities to remain updated. Their duty also includes conducting interview for candidates applying for the relevant post.

If you are interested in building your career in this field, then you need to create a resume with the help of the above-mentioned points. Use simple language to construct your resume.

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