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Agriculture Resume

In today's competitive world to stay a step ahead of your competitors you need to have a professional approach, when you are applying for a job. Whether you are applying for a job through reference or applying after knowing about the opening through news paper, you need to send a resume and cover letter. A resume includes information about your education, job history, skills, achievement and personal details. It helps the employer to judge whether you are the right candidate for the job. An agriculture resume must lay emphasis on your skills and work experience related to the agriculture field.


An agriculture resume must be divided into following segments such as:

  • Objective
  • Skills and achievements
  • Education
  • Job history
  • Interests or participation (in agriculture related activities)
  • Personal details
  • References

Steps to write an agriculture resume are as follows:


A job objective is included in your resume to explain the employer about your career goals and career objectives. By reading the job objective section, the recruiter must be able to understand the job opening you are applying for and your skills that make you eligible for the job. Those with work experience can mention the experience and knowledge gained through their previous jobs in the agriculture field.

Skills and achievements:

Mention the specialized skills that you posses related to the agriculture field. Provide details of your liking for the agriculture field. Provide the details of your achievements in the previous job or during your training. Those applying for research jobs in this field can mention their finding through different research work during their academic projects or previous jobs. The employer has to go through thousands of resume. Hence mentioning your skills and highlighting these details at the beginning of the resume will help to grab their attention. Those applying for administrative jobs can mention their proficiency in using computer. Those specialized in using any mechanical or technical tool for farming need to mention and highlight your details in their resume.


Education details must always be mentioned in reverse order. Starting with your most recent relevant degree or training and followed by the rest. Mention details such as name of the degree, the year of passing, name of the college or university, and your academic ranks (only if you have good academic ranking). Those who have large education gap or completed their education long ago can skip mentioning these details in their resume. If you have undergone any specialized training in your previous or by self to upgrade your skills then make sure you mention the details of this course in your resume.

Job History:

The job history must also be listed in reverse order. Start with the latest job experience details, followed by the rest. Provide details such as your designation, organization name, your tenure at the previous organization, roles and responsibilities. Use bullet points to note down your roles and responsibilities in the previous organization as it will help to grab the employer's attention. Emphasize those roles and responsibilities that are related to the job you are applying for.

Interests or participation:

It is essential to provide the details of your participation in various agricultural and forest programs and projects. Mention your role in the particular project or programs. Provide the details of your contribution and how it helped in making the project or program successful.

Personal details:

You need to provide your personal details such as your email id, contact number, communication postal address. These details can be mentioned in the beginning of your resume in the header section. Make sure that you mention a professional email-id in your resume. Email addresses created for fun should be avoided in your resume.


You can either provide the reference of your previous four employers or can also mention that the references can be provided at a later stage. Mention details such as the referees name, designation, organizations name, contact number or email-id.

The agriculture resume must place emphasis on your skills and professional experience related to the agriculture field. After drafting your resume, make sure you proof read it to check errors and other grammatical mistakes.

Following are the agriculture sample resumes:

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