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Agricultural Equipment Operator Resume

Drafting a relevant resume is a difficult job if you are not aware of the nature of the job you are applying for. This will make it a very troubling task to connect your resume with the job you are applying for. Three things to be taken care of while drafting a resume are connectivity, relevance, and balance. If these three points are well sought out, then your resume will definitely turn out to be an effective and impressive one. An agricultural equipment operator resume should also be written taking care of all these points.


Some job titles are very confusing; you need to do a lot of research to understand the exact position and nature of the job. While some job titles are easily recognizable; you can understand what the job requires just by looking at the title itself. The latter point is relevant to the post of an agricultural equipment operator.

The title of this job tells a lot about the duties that it involves. As an agricultural equipment operator, you will have to operate or tend the equipment that is used in the agricultural processes. These equipments include tractors, irrigation equipment and combines. Towed machines need to be operated as well, like the seed drills or the manure spreaders in order to fertilize, plant, spray and dust the crops. In some cases, you will have to walk beside or ride the planting machines and you also have to insert the plants in the mechanisms at certain intervals.

If you would like to get a job like this then you should start by creating a good resume. In this you should mention your personal details and also it might be a good idea to mention the education that you have had and the prior experience that you have gathered at the former workplaces.

Agricultural Equipment Operator Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Martin Smith
Address: 4th Avenue, Windsor Valley,
South Cape, New York
Phone: 564 294 4793
Email address:
Date: January 10, 2012

Career Objective

To obtain the job of Agricultural Equipment Operator at your firm and to prove that I have gathered the necessary skills and abilities through the extensive experience that I have in the field. My knowledge would surely be of help to your company and it is my personal goal to contribute to the increase in production.

Skills and Competences:

  • Technical skills
  • Repairing skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Knowledge about the processes used at farms

Work Experience

  • Farm Equipment Operator, 2002-2006 , FreshDirect, Cocoa, FL

Job Duties

  • Operating the tractors and the irrigating equipment
  • Operating seed drills and the manures for farming
  • Calibrate and overhaul the equipment
  • Load the hop-pickers, transporters and containers
  • Farm Equipment Operator, 2006 to present , Hansen Agri-Placement, Cocoa, FL

Job Duties

  • Adjusting and overhauling the farm equipment
  • Operating the ditch systems in order to irrigate the soil
  • Maintaining the pipes, trenches and pumps
  • Installing and calibrating the mechanisms of the machinery
  • Overseeing the planting, reaping and weeding
  • Operating the forklifts, excavators, screw auger and the pitchforks


  • Associate in Applied Science in Heavy Equipment Service

Duquesne University, Pennsylvania, PA


  • Experience with different kinds of equipment
  • Improving the results of the company
  • Decreasing the time needed for the processes

Areas of Interest

  • Machinery
  • New technologies regarding agriculture
  • Driving
  • Reading
  • Travelling


Marie Great
FreshDirect, Cocoa, FL
Email address:

Other personal details

  • Birth Date: 3 January 1980
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: Two
  • Driver's License: Yes

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