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Agricultural Pilot Resume

Agricultural pilot resume, as the name suggests, is a resume written by applicants who are seeking the job of a pilot whose job is to fly planes that are strictly needed for purposes pertaining to agriculture. Just as any other pilot, the agricultural pilot has to fly planes, but the specific thing about the job is that the planes should be flying over the crops of the farm. They are flying the planes for several different reasons, such as spraying the crops and fields with pesticides and insecticides. However, they are usually flying to verify the safety and the integrity of the products that are being grown. The key aspect of this job is to know how to fly a plane. At the same time, you might be asked to carry out other tasks in order to fulfill your duty as an agricultural pilot.


In order to get a job like this, you need to have a good resume. You might write a good resume if you start with your personal information and then you should mention the information regarding your experience and your skills.

Here is a list of roles and responsibilities which you are expected to perform if you are selected for this post:

  • Maintain the flying equipment
  • Inspect the equipment from time to time
  • Give instructions to the other pilots and giving advice if needed
  • Offer training, advice and guidance to the new pilots
  • Maintain the plane that I have been flying with
  • Effectuate the repairs if needed
  • Take part at trainings
  • Load the products that had to be spread over the production
  • Work in the target areas, without interfering with the areas of other pilots
  • Check the proper functioning of the aircraft prior to flights to make sure that all the systems are working in perfect condition
  • Ferry the crops in bulk to places that are located far away from your station
  • Monitor the condition of the engine, fuel usage, its operation and functioning of every detail related to aircraft systems during flights
  • Keep a constant log of materials that are being ferried and the number of hours that you are putting in the job
  • Always be ready to get called for a flight as this is the kind of job requires the pilots instantaneously
  • Map the exact location of your destination as it makes it convenient to finish your task that much quicker
  • Maintain details of all the flight records and the tasks that you have performed
  • Always be willing to work overtime and put in long hours as it will be required by your employer and will give you a chance to earn something extra

Agricultural Pilot Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Scott Pierce
Birth Date: 16 September 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Obtaining the job of Agricultural Pilot where I can use my extensive experience in the field to help the company attain its targets.


I am a highly skilled and experienced worker, with all the education needed for this type of job. I am an effective worker when it comes to flying duties. I can also perform repair work needed to fix certain problems that arise and assure optimal functioning of the planes. I can also perform managerial and maintenance tasks, which might be needed for the improvement of the planes.

Skills and Competences

  • Flying skills
  • Technical skills regarding the plane and other equipment used while flying
  • Knowledge of the rules used while flying

Work Experience

Lead Crop Duster, 2008 to present
Garden Valley Farms, Inc.

Crop Dusting and Fertilizing, 2006–2008
First-Fresh Produce Farms


American Flying School, Any Place, USA
National Agricultural School, Any City, USA


Leading a small group of pilots
Organizing successful trainings both on the ground and in the air

Areas of Interest

  • Flying with different kinds of smaller planes
  • Dealing with the technical aspects of the planes
  • Repairing planes with different problems
  • Instruction regarding flying and the equipment


Scott Brown
General Manager
Garden Valley Farms, Inc.

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