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Farm Equipment Mechanic Resume

Tasks based in a farm setting are among the most diverse one. Some of the farm activities are plant growing, animal rearing, cleaning, mowing, hay piling. They are all performed by especially designated employees, but there are instances in which the physical effort of an employer is not enough for completing a task and this is where farm machinery comes in pictures. Tractors, manure spreaders, lawn instruments and other farm equipment are essential for the appropriate development and growth of the farm. Like other mechanical devices, farm equipments are also not flawless and, due to the great amount of work load they are subjected to, they may break down .If you think that you can work under these conditions, and have required skills and methods, then all you have to do is create the right farm equipment mechanic resume. A farm mechanic is in charge of checking, repairing and maintaining the farm devices. They perform regular inspections on the farm equipments; find all the flaws within their systems and rectify all the malfunctions as soon as possible, so that the farm activities do not get affected in any way. The farm equipment mechanic does not usually work in a very comfortable environment, as he would often be asked to lift heavy weights, to deal with grease and dirt and to stand in awkward positions in order to repair a piece of equipment.


Personal details

Name: Larry Mith
Address: 453, Canterbury Street, Los Angeles
Marital status: Married
Birth date: 14/04/1982


I would be more than honored to be granted the equipment mechanic job within the farm that you are leading. I could therefore have the chance of using all my skills and abilities in order to maximize the performance of the devices that you are using.

Skills and core competencies

  • Good diagnostics skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Good communication abilities
  • Passion for job
  • Ability to work with and without supervision
  • Good customer and personal service skills
  • Responsible and attentive to details
  • Flexible
  • Knowledge of electronics and hydraulics
  • Ability to work with machinery and equipments
  • Cleaning and replacing damaged and worn out parts of equipments
  • Ability to learn new things quickly
  • Mathematics and computer skills
  • Mechanical abilities
  • Well trained farm equipment mechanic
  • Knowledge of use of hand tools precision equipment, welding equipment and power tools

Work experience

Farm equipment mechanic, Topeka Farm, Los Angeles, 2000–2009

Duties and responsibilities

  • Regular verification of the existent equipment
  • Identification of flaws and completion of the necessary repairs
  • Maintain and repair different kind of farm equipments
  • Maintenance and servicing of farm machinery and vehicles like tractors and harvesters
  • Performing repair job on bent or torn out metal sheets and if necessary replacing them
  • Maintaining accuracy of bills with the repair records, labor cost and parts used
  • Installing and making agricultural irrigation, plumbing, and sprinkler systems operational and performing maintenance
  • Driving farm vehicles to get tools and equipments from shop to perform on site repair of farm machinery like harvester
  • Installing new metal parts and removing worn out parts using various hand tools and other machine tools
  • Making reports of repair work and parts used


The Bridge High School, Los Angeles, 1993–1997
An intensive Mechanics course, 2000


Great results in repairing the farm equipment.
Great results in working with people.

Areas of interest

Machinery mechanics


Mrs. Tara Williams,
Topeka Farm, L.A.,
Farm administrator.

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