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Farm Labor Contractor Resume

Farm labor contractors can be individuals, firms or even corporations in charge of handling every aspect related to the personnel working in an agricultural site, which includes recruitment, employment, layoffs, transportation and supplying. As agricultural workers are specialized in seeding, growing and harvesting farming products, or working in nurseries or in forests, farm labor contractors need to have an expertise in the agricultural field and should be able to determine the workers' qualifications.


They must ensure employees that the business for which they work is licensed and they must take care of any employee-related aspect on a daily basis. Their most important responsibility lies in supervising the seasonal or temporary work of the employed laborers. This includes ensuring transportation to and from the working site, housing and accommodations, providing meals and making sure that the employees have all the necessary supplies and equipment.

When hiring new laborers, farm labor contractors need to give necessary instructions and assign tasks. They have to implement and enforce working rules, especially safety rules. Providing pay statements to the workers is another important duty of the farm labor contractor. Pay statements need to include worked hours and rate of pay. Any issues related to the payment must be addressed by farm labor contractors. Leaves and layoffs are also managed by them. The resume of a farm labor contractor needs to include the experience and knowledge in working in the agricultural field.

Sample Farm Labor Contractor Resume

Personal Details

Name: Robert Simmer
Birth date: 11.11.1985
Address and Contact Details: 1878 K Street, Washington, DC 300056, USA
Phone: (202) 502-67546
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes


I have been working as a farm labor contractor for corn farms and producers for the last 5 years and I have managed all the employee-related tasks and responsibilities. I have recruited and employed qualified personnel for working with special agricultural equipment and performing corn harvesting tasks, I have supervised their daily activity and have managed to obtain great performances.


My objective is to continue to work as a farm labor contractor for major businesses and for more diverse farming operations, and offer my expertise in the field and my skills in recruiting and monitoring the best employees to a serious company.


Farm labor contractor with experience in corn farming.


  • farming knowledge
  • interpersonal skills
  • ability to manage agricultural employees' labor
  • ability to communicate working tasks and implement safety regulations
  • ability to work with special farming equipment
Computer knowledge: computer literacy

Work Experience:

Farm Labor Contractor, 2005-2010
CornAim Company


  • Employing, supervising and accommodating agricultural workers in corn farms
  • In charge of providing transportation, housing and meals for workers
  • Presenting pay statements and discussing complaints
  • Ensuring the proper work supplies
Education and Training:

Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Sciences, Washington University

Areas of interest:

  • Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Human resources

Mr. Dan Smoll,
Manager of the Human Resources Department,
CornAim Company

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