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Farm Laborer Resume

We all like how the wheat is glowing in the sun, how the cows are silently strolling in the green grass or what the fresh milk tastes like. We all have dreamed of having our own farm someday, but few of us really know the exact amount of work being a farm worker really involves. Working within a farm means hours on end of physical, difficult tasks, like taking good care of plants or animals or maybe of managing the equipment which is destined to ease the agricultural process. Either way, a farm laborer is a key-element within a farm. If he does his job right, then the entire farm will be prosperous and flourishing. If he fails to do it in a proper manner, then he will undermine the other's actions and efforts.


If you are tempted by such a job, you are perseverant and hard-working, and you have already found a job advertisement which sounds promising, then the next step for you to take is that of formulating a sound farm laborer resume, in which to expose all the skills and qualities which can recommend you for this type of job. If you do not know where to start, then here is an example to get you going.

Sample Farm Laborer Resume

Personal details:
Name: Chris Downing
Address: 315, Wisteria Lane, Virginia, Richmond
Marital status: Single
Birth date: 24.04.1975


I seek the post of a farm laborer and would like to help your farm grow and develop, by committing all my resources to that purpose. I will make use of my previous work experience in order to contribute to the quality of the activities which are being done within your farm.

Skills and core competencies:

  • Able to work hard, physically speaking
  • Committed to doing my tasks right
  • Experienced with plant growing and animal rearing
  • Familiar with crop cycle
  • Knowledge of farm livestock
  • Knowledge of crop planting, cultivating, and harvesting
  • Knowledge of common hand tools and farm machinery
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of plant seeds
  • Good knowledge of pesticides
  • Knowledge of rodent treatment

Technical skills:

Very good at managing the machinery

Work experience:
The Wanega Farm, Milwaukee

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Take care of the fields of wheat and corn
  • Scheduling farming activities
  • Preparing cows for milking, and operating milking machinery
  • Maintenance of farm vehicles like tractors , harvesters, seeders and sprayers
  • Transported equipments, animals and supplies needed for farm operation
  • Take good care of the animals (cows, pigs and horses)
  • Use and service the existent machinery
  • Taking care of crop from rodents by implementing anti rodent pesticides
  • Making schedule for spray of pesticides
  • Proper and timely irrigation of crop
  • Harvesting of crop
  • Hiring, scheduling tasks and directing farm workers on crops and live stock
  • Executing methods to minimize environmental pollution, monitor environmental effects of farming activities
  • Maintenance of farm buildings, equipments and facilities to maintain hygienic standards and high quality of produce
  • Repairing environmental damage by encouraging activities like tree plantation
  • Maintenance of records such as gas usage, crops plantation, work assignment, animal breading, sale and purchase logs
  • Executed various repair and construction work

The Easton College, Milwaukee, 2000


  • Great results in plant cultivating
  • Great results in animal rearing
  • Great results in working within a team

Areas of interest:

  • Plants and their usage
  • The farm: management and development
  • The correct exploitation of forests
  • Animal breeds
  • Crop experiments
  • Nonconventional methods of irrigation


Mr. Sam Brown,
The Wanega Farm, Milwaukee,
Farm Administrator.

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