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Pesticide Control Inspector Resume

A pesticide control inspector is a professional in charge of inspecting pesticide commercialization and usage, including the distributors' operations and the commercial applicators' operations. These professionals have an important task of making sure that federal and state regulations concerning the handling of pesticides are respected and that safe usage of these substances is assured. This means evaluating different aspects of pesticide commercialization, such as labeling, possession permits, users authorizations, application methods, record keeping, storage and disposal and so on.


The resume of a pesticide control inspector needs to highlight his or her training in the field. Knowledge in chemical composition of various pesticides is important, since pesticide control inspectors may have to recommend pest treatment themselves, as well as training in various application methods and regulations in the matter. Previous experience in the position would be an added advantage.

Pesticide Control Inspector Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Trevor York
Birth date: 23.11.1975
Address and Contact Details: 222 Garden Rose Street, CA 94305
Tel: 555.678.9696
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's license: Yes

Job Objective:

Looking for the responsible post of a pesticide control inspector in a reputed company where I could demonstrate my abilities, my professional integrity and my motivation to ensure safety and compliance from the part of pesticide users and distributors.


  • Knowledge about pesticide characteristics, chemical composition and adequacy to different types of pests
  • Knowledgeable about pesticide state and federal regulations
  • Ability to perform pesticide inspections and determine correctitude in commercialization and application
  • Clerical skills, interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Integrity, dynamism
  • Ability to travel and perform on the field
Computer knowledge: Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Linux, Mac

Work Experience:

Assistant Pesticide Control Inspector, 2001-present


  • The position of assistant pesticide control inspector has offered me the opportunity to use my knowledge about pesticides in inspecting types of commercialized pesticides and methods of application
  • I have performed on field inspections, evaluated distribution conditions, including branding and storage
  • I have evaluated application methods, including dosage, type and location.
Pest Control Specialist, 1995-2001


  • As a pest control specialist I had the main responsibility of acquiring various types of pesticides and addressing various types of pest problems,
  • I recommended treatment and applied pesticides,
  • I was in charge of keeping accurate records of the type and amount of pesticide used, of the time and location and of making sure that safety standards were respected.
Education and Training:
  • Certification from the American Association of Pesticide Professionals, 1994
  • Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, North California University, 1992

In the capacity of assistant pesticide control inspector, I have contributed to implementing safety regulations and ensuring responsible distribution and application of pesticides

Areas of interest:

Sciences, biology, nature, traveling


Available if necessary

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