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Rancher Resume

A rancher resume has to be drafted by those individuals who have passion towards farming and other agricultural activities. In these days, when agriculture and farming has taken a backseat, it is a great thing to have passion for this noble profession. So if you have made up your mind to become a professional rancher, then go ahead and create an amazing resume. If you have any confusion in your mind regarding the drafting of such a resume then uproot all your confusions. This page offers you an excellent example of a rancher resume.


Being a farmer is all about growing plants and animals for food in a farm and selling their products to agricultural goods markets. Sometimes it is only about plant production, sometimes both plant production and animal husbandry and in some cases, specialization in certain areas of production (which usually depends on terrain and weather conditions in the area). Those who cannot own their own farm are hired to do this job and work in farms and farm complexes (in barns, stables, pigsties, grain silos etc.).

A rancher has to sow, plant and protect wheat and other crops and harvest them; he has to raise animals (cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses); to raise meat and egg poultry; to milk cows; to care for the health of the animals - to check for any infections and take appropriate veterinary care measures for animals; to maintain, repair and work with farm machinery; to negotiate with suppliers of raw materials and agricultural machinery as well as potential buyers of agricultural products; to and to manage administration operations (accounting, pay taxes, etc.).

Ranchers work on the ranch. They have to feed and take care of animals and they have to plant. Ranchers perform many tasks in accordance to the type of ranch they work for. They feed, milk animals, raise and sell animals. All in all, their work revolves around the animals they look after. In this job, one has to know how to handle cutting machines, seeders, tractors, threshing machines, plows, hoes, drills, tools, milking, milk cans to collect, harvest for grain harvester and other farming tools. The prospective candidate should be a good rancher with experience in all major operations and with knowledge of range management. He/she should be interested in working any farm. He/she should want to prove his/her skills and abilities of working with animals.

In your resume you have to write about your qualification in the field, the positive attitude towards agricultural land work and the desire to work hard; you should mention your patience, ability to organize your own work and to negotiate with people. Write about your good physical condition, because this is also a requirement in this field.

Sample Rancher Resume

Personal Details

Name: Eliot Edams
Address: Gunter Hills, 32nd Street,
Chicago, USA
Phone: 272-727-1083
Date: January 31, 2012

Career Objective

To obtain a position as a rancher and to do all my duties as required.


  • Good physical condition
  • Great knowledge in agriculture
  • Good in agricultural land work
  • Ability to work on my own and to organize my own work
  • Management, administrative and computer skills

Work Experience

Rancher, Galaxy Mountain Ranch, Small Country, 2006 to present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Taking care of the business aspects
  • Feeding and raising animals
  • Taking strategic decisions
  • Negotiating and selling animals and their products


B.A. in Ranch Management, Minneapolis University, 2004, Minneapolis


  • Performed manual labor
  • Planted, harvested and raised animals
  • Maintained and operated machinery
  • Improved administrational skills

Areas of interest

  • Agricultural land work and rising animals
  • Management


John Kirk
Galaxy Mountain Range
Email address:

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