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Air Cargo Agent Resume

There are numerous things that the Air Cargo Agents have to do. The duties that they have include routing the inbound and outbound of the air freight shipments according to the destinations that they have. There might be a need for them to take telephone orders from the customers and to arrange for the pickup of the shipment and their delivery to the loading platform. The Air Cargo Agent is responsible for the assembly of the cargo according to their destination. The weight that the items have determine their cost and there is also a rate book that has to be used.


In case you are thinking about getting a job as an Air Cargo Agent, then you have to create a good resume. This should contain the personal information besides the work experience that you have and the education that you have received in this field.

Sample Air Cargo Agent Resume

Personal Details
Name: Martin Moss
Birth Date: 19 June 1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


There are a lot of people who think that Air Cargo Agents also have to handle the flying, but the truth is that they only take care of things on the ground and they make sure that the shipments get to their destination. This is why there is a need for a responsible person for this job and also a person who knows his way around shipments.

Objective Obtaining a job interview for the vacant job of Air Cargo Agent in order to be able to show proof of the skills that I have and the experience that I have accumulated over the years. It is also my objective to advance at this job and with time, to get even more responsibilities and to get other duties as well.


Air Cargo Agent, with long years of experience in the movement of outgoing and incoming cargo and freight shipments by air. Having experience with taking orders from the customers, making arrangements for the cargo and freight to be picked up and taken to the loading platform, creating and examining the bills of landing and determining the shipping charges and the other costs.

Skills and Competencies

Technical competencies regarding the equipments used
Financial skills regarding the creation of bills and the use of budgets

Work Experience

Air Cargo Agent, 2002 to present
Fry High Agency Inc, Minneapolis, MN

Job Duties:

  • Arrange and negotiate the transport of the goods
  • Notifying the consignees, customers and passengers regarding the arrival of the shipments
  • Advising the clients and customers
  • Decide upon the method of shipment

Cargo Agent, 1998-2002
Skyview Movers Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Job Duties:

  • Taking telephone orders
  • Assembling cargo according to their destination

High School Diploma (1998)

Realizing numerous successful shipments
Finding ways to decrease the time needed for the process

Areas of Interest

Technology used in air transport
Financial aspect of the transports


Sally Night
Fry High Agency Inc, Minneapolis, MN

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