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Air Carrier Inspector Resume

Air carrier inspectors have to participate in the planning, evaluations and execution of the assigned flight work and they have to use their knowledge of FAR and FAA policies and procedures. They evaluate the overall activity of an air carrier organization and evaluate if their aircrafts are used in accordance with the airworthiness program. Air carrier inspectors have to supervise all the revision operations performed on the aircraft equipment of an organization or company in order to make sure that safety regulations are followed. They must provide instructions to the implicated personnel and verify that the facilities that accommodate the repairs, tests and maintenance operations are suitable. They have to make reports of their inspections and investigate different accidents related to the aircraft equipment.


A suitable resume for an air carrier inspector needs to include the educational steps in accumulating all the necessary knowledge and the verifiable experience and skill that help in accomplishing the job's duties and responsibilities.

Air Carrier Inspector Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Tom Bond
Birth date: 13.12.1969
Address: 1423 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511,
(203) 787-4647
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


I have followed all the necessary educational steps required by the Air Carrier Inspector profession and I am convinced that this is a most important career choice that contributes to a safe and effective air carrier operation program. My formation as an air carrier supervisor is very solid and I have extensive experience in the field.


My objective is to obtain the position of an air carrier inspector at your company and perform the necessary activities using my skills and knowledge in order to obtain best results and manage all aircraft maintenance and investigations in order to safe proof the aircraft working space and services.


Air carrier safety professional, looking for a suitable position in an aviation company or organization, that can offer me the chance of exercising my skills, abilities and ideas in order to improve the maintenance and other aircraft related operations.


  • expertise in Federal Aviation Regulations,
  • expertise in FAA policies,
  • engineering and mechanical insight,
  • investigational skills,
  • attention to detail,
  • capacity to compile and report data
Computer knowledge: Windows, Microsoft Office, specialized applications

Work Experience:

Air Carrier Inspector
Titan Aircraft Industries, Connecticut, 1993-2010


  • In charge of examining aircraft, identifying maintenance, repair and replacement needs and supervising the corresponding operations.
  • Instructing the implicated personnel in FAR and FAA regulations and policies and making sure that the organization is compliant to them.
  • Making sure that all the procedures suffered by an aircraft are in order and respected the safety regulations.
  • Implement training programs and check all new aviation equipment.
Education and Training:

PhD in Aircraft Safety Maintenance, Texas University
Master's in Aviation, Connecticut University
Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Sciences, Connecticut University


I have successfully conducted inspections and investigations of aircraft equipment and related accidents and incidents in the organization and implemented safety regulations.

Areas of interest:

aviation, aerospace technologies, mathematics, engineering


Mrs. Dana Scott, Director of the Technical Department, Titan Aircraft Industries, Connecticut

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