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Air Traffic Controller Resume

Being an air traffic controller is a big responsibility. You maintain and expedite an orderly and safe flow of air traffic in conformity with the air traffic control system. You have the duty of coordinating the movement of airplanes, ensuring they do not encounter dangerous conditions and that they stay a safe distance apart. A controller at an airport watches a plane on radar when it's coming in for landing. He or she then monitors the aircraft on its way to the runway. The process is repeated when a plane is taking off.


Around the world, air traffic controlling is regarded as one of the most difficult jobs, because of the high stress levels and the large responsibility while on duty. In order to be qualified for this position, you will have to undergo an education program approved by the FAA and to pass a computer-based pre-employment exam. If you want to apply for this position, here is a sample resume.

Sample Air Traffic Controller Resume

Personal Details

Name: Christina Prussac
Birth Date; 10 June 1986
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to obtain the exciting and challenging position of air traffic controller, in order to utilize my vast experience and skills in maintaining and achieving efficiency and a safe flow of air traffic throughout the airspace of the nation.

Education and Professional Training

  • Master's degree in Aviation from Stanford University in 2007.
  • Bachelor's degree in Air Traffic Controlling from the Community and Technical College of Nevada in the year 2004
  • Certified professional air traffic controller
  • Thorough knowledge of broadcasting, transmission, switching, operation and control of telecommunications systems.
  • Deep prediction and knowledge of physical laws, principles, their interrelationships, necessary for understanding material, fluid and atmospheric dynamics, and electrical, mechanical, sub-atomic and atomic processes and structures.
  • Profound knowledge of algebra, arithmetic, calculus, statistics, and their applications.
  • Sound knowledge of, processors, circuit boards, chips, electronic equipment, and computer software and hardware, including programming and applications
  • Strong ability to give clear and quick directions to pilots
  • Good memory and strong intelligence
  • Strong ability to make accurate and quick decisions
  • In-depth aptitude for working with instruments, computers and equipment
Work Experience

2009-Present date: Senior air traffic control specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration at the Nevada Airport.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Relaying flight plans to control centers, communicating with them and coordinating air traffic between them
  • Issuing take-off and landing instructions and authorizations and communicating relevant information to aircrafts
  • Controlling air traffic within the vicinity of the airport
  • Recommending flight path changes to aircrafts that encountered fog or storms
  • Transmitting air traffic information, like for example the expected time of arrival, altitude and course of aircraft to the control centers
  • In case of flight difficulties, alerting control centers emergency facilities and directing radio searches for aircraft
  • Completing daily activity report.
2007-2009: Enroute air traffic control specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration at the Kingsbridge Airport.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Developing, organizing and conducting advanced and initial training courses
  • Devising the course content, curriculum and training materials necessary for training
  • Overseeing the evaluation process of contract instructors in the department
  • Good working capacity
  • Managed critical flight situations
Areas of interest
  • Aviation
  • Technology
Available on request.

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