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Aircraft Cargo Handler Resume

The main duty of the Air Cargo Handlers is to load, stage, secure and unload the cargo and the baggage in case of airplanes. In order to do their job perfectly, they have to calculate the gravity center of the aircraft and also assess the quantity of the cargo. They have to work in any weather condition and they have to work with different kinds of equipment, such as trucks, forklifts, baggage trucks and also conveyors. The cargo that they have to load might have different characteristics, for that they have to be very attentive to details. In some cases, they might have to lift heavy objects.


If you are thinking about getting a job of this kind, then first you should be thinking about writing a good resume. This starts with offering the personal information and then goes on with you providing as much information about yourself as possible, including the education that you have and the prior work experience that you have accumulated.

Sample Aircraft Cargo Handler Resume

Personal Details
Name: Gregory Smith
Birth Date: 4 February 1981
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


The Air Cargo Handlers might have to deal with numerous kinds of different situations, some of them unpredicted and this is why experience in the field is mandatory. Since the job involves handling some equipment it is necessary to have some knowledge regarding their use; the workers should also know about the way in which airplanes work in order to be able to do a good job while loading.


Interested in being given the opportunity to occupy the vacant job of Aircraft Cargo Handler available at your company. Also, I am interested in bringing advancements in this work field and with time I would like to get even more responsibilities.


Aircraft Body Repairer with years of experience, professional, trained and licensed, experience with moving heavy cargo effectively and efficiently. I possess knowledge regarding the use of the machines and tools, as well as equipment used in the process.

Skills and Competencies
Certified worker
Good communication skills with the coworkers
Technical knowledge regarding the equipment used and the functioning of the airplanes

Work Experience

Aircraft Cargo Handler, 2006 to present
James Lucas Airport, Any City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Handling the incoming and outgoing cargo
  • Loading the airplanes
  • Sorting the cargo according to the destination
  • Offering training to the new members of the staff

Aircraft Cargo Handler, 2002-2006
Cranston Airport, Any City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Liaison between the other departments of the company and the cargo handlers
  • Taking orders from the supervisor and implementing them
  • Offering advice to the new employees of the company

Cranston Airport, Any City, USA


  • Organized successful trainings for the staff
  • Loaded and unloaded successfully numerous incoming and outgoing airplanes
  • Managed the cargo until it has been loaded and, in some cases, also managed the transportation for them
  • Gained experience with special tools

Areas of Interest

Technology used in case of airplanes
Speed up the process of loading and unloading


Sarah Mill
James Lucas Airport, Any City, USA

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