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Aircraft Engine Specialist Resume

There is a need for something to keep the aircrafts running, and there is also a need for someone to keep the engines of the aircrafts running. The duties of the Aircraft Engine Specialists include replacing or repairing the worn, defective or the damaged parts with the help of hand tools, testing equipment and gauges. They need to test the operation of the engine with the test equipment such as the ignition analyzers. They also have to listen to the operating engine and recognize the possible problems. In the end, they have to reassemble the engine.


If you would like to get a job as an Aircraft Engine Specialist, then the most important thing that you will have to mention in your resume is the prior work experience that you have along with the education that you have received regarding this field.

Aircraft Engine Specialist Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: George Young
Birth Date: 15 October 1970
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


The job of an Aircraft Engine Specialist isn't as easy as it may seem because there is a lot of responsibility involved. He has to make sure that the engine that an aircraft has is really working and that there will be no problems during the flight. Actually, I might say that he has in his hands the lives of the passengers and this is why there is need for people who are able to work under pressure.


To obtain the vacant job of Aircraft Engine Specialist at your company. For this, I would like to attend an interview in order to be able to show proof of the expertise that I have and also of the knowledge that I have accumulated.


Qualified professional Aircraft Engine Specialist with certification and more than thirty years of experience, possessing a high level of technical skills and solid knowledge regarding the field of aircrafts, with good communication skills and the ability to develop strong relationships with the co-workers.

Skills and Competencies

  • Sound knowledge of the relevant equipment
  • Technical abilities regarding the machinery used in the field
  • Ability to inspect the equipment
  • Technical knowledge of the way that the aircrafts work
  • Ability to do researches regarding engines
  • Motivated
  • Precision
  • Responsibility
  • Good communication skills

Work Experience

Aircraft Engine Specialist, 2002 to present
Columbia Aircraft Corporation Inc., Large City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Replacing or repairing the damaged or deffective components
  • Using the necessary the tools and equipment to do the work
  • Maintaining the tools and the equipment

Assistant Aircraft Engine Specialist, 1992-2002
Columbia Aircraft Corporation Inc., Large City, USA

Job Duties:

Assisting the Aircraft Engine Specialist during the tests, reassembling the engine and installing it in the aircraft


Certified Aircraft Mechanic, Aviation Technology,
Whitman Trade School, 1992, Any City, USA


Assembling numerous different kinds of engines
Organizing trainings for the new employees of the company

Areas of Interest

Aircraft engine technology
Improving the processes used in the field
Decreasing the time needed for the process


John Field
Columbia Aircraft Corporation Inc., Large City, USA

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