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Aircraft Service Technician Resume

There are different kinds of duties that an Aircraft Service Technician has to perform and these include assembling and installing electrical, mechanical, plumbing, structural and hydraulic components and accessories with the help of different tools. He or she also has to check for corrosion, invisible cracks, distortion regarding the different parts of the aircraft. Apart from this, an Aircraft Service Technician has to clean, change the oil and refuel the aircraft. Inspections have to be conducted as routine and also special inspections as and when required. The technician might also have to disassemble the engine and inspect certain parts, such as the turbine blades and the cylinders. The job requires immense knowledge and experience in this field. An aircraft service technician resume should be drafted keeping these factors in mind.


A good resume for this profile is very essential. It should contain all the ingredients of a good professional document. The resume should begin with an effective objective and a summary. Candidate's education, skills and previous work experience should form the major highlight of your resume. A good aircraft service technician resume should be professional, precise and effective. Here is a sample of an aircraft service technician resume for your reference.

Sample Aircraft Service Technician Resume

Personal Details
Name: Scott Strong
Birth Date: 25 November 1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


I would like to obtain the position of an Aircraft Service Technician in a reputed firm where my knowledge, skills and experience can be used to the maximum. I wish to grow in this field and attain a suitable position in the long run.


Highly trained and experienced Aircraft Service Technician, possessing good technical skills, able to solve any possible emerging problem, also good communicator in order to build good relationships with the rest of the staff and also to understand the problems that have been observed by the co-workers.

Skills and Competencies

  • Good communication skills
  • High level of technical skills
  • Experience with the service of aircrafts

Work Experience

Technician for private airplane, 2005 to present
Dicksonville County Airport, Dicksonville, USA

Job Duties

  • Maintaining the airplanes in good conditions
  • Repairing the possible damages or resolving other technical problems
  • Keeping track of the work that has been done

Apprentice technician, 2002-2005
Big City Airport, Big City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Assisting the lead technician
  • Maintaining the documentation of the airplanes
  • Maintaining the tools used
  • Keeping track of records

Qualification & Training
Universal Aviation Training, Sacramento, CA, USA.


Leading a small group
Organizing trainings and seminars for the new employees
Improving the maintenance process

Areas of Interest

Airplane technology
Mechanisms of the airplanes


Marty Stuart
General Manager
Dicksonville County Airport, Dicksonville, USA

While listing references, one should note that references can also be provided upon request or during the interview. References prove very important for the candidate and most employers make it a point to get an opinion of the candidate's conduct. While giving reference candidates should note that the person listed as reference on their resume is aware of it and also that the person is someone who can provide a good feedback of the candidate. Contact details or personal details should appear in the beginning of the resume. This helps employers to contact the shortlisted candidate easily. One should also note that your resume should contain only relevant details with reference to the job you are applying for, especially when you are listing your previous job experience. The roles and responsibilities undertaken during the previous job should be listed in bullets as most employers look for this section when gauging if the candidate would be beneficial to the firm.

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