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Aircrew Officer Resume

The name of this job says a lot about the duties that need to be performed. The responsibilities include performing and direction of the in-flight duties to make sure that the combat, transport, reconnaissance, rescue and research mission will be successfully completed. The duties include operating the aircraft radar and communications equipment. These include establishing the satellite linkages and jamming the communications of the enemy. There is also need to do pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight inspections regarding the equipment found on board.


If you are aspiring to get a job like this, then the first step that you should take is to create a resume that presents you in a good light. Naturally, you should include your personal information in it along with the prior work experience that you have and the education that you have received. In case you attended some special courses regarding the field, you should mention them as well.

Sample Aircrew Officer Resume

Personal Details
Name: Martin Smart
Birth Date: 12 December 1975
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To obtain the job of Aircrew Officer at your company. It is my objective to improve my skills at the job and through this to improve the performance of the department or unit that I am working at.


Highly trained and skilled Aircrew Officer with good leadership abilities and excellent communication skills, who is professionally trained and has a detailed and methodical thinking along with excellent problem-solving skills.

Skills and Competences

  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Responsibility
  • Technical skills
  • Sound knowledge of aircrafts
  • Leadership abilities
  • Analytic thinking
  • Problem solving abilities

Work Experience

Aircrew Officer, 2005 to present
High Sky Airlines, Any City, USA

Job Duties

  • Leading the crew in different kind of missions including both national and international
  • Maintaining the equipment
  • Creating a strategic plan for the missions
  • Solving any upcoming problems
  • Training the crew

Assistant Aircrew Officer, 1997 to 2005
High Sky Airlines, Any City, USA

Job Duties

  • Scheduling and overseeing the national and international flight crews
  • Maintaining the equipment used
  • Maintaining the records


B. A. Airline Management, 1997
Beaumont University, Any City, USA


  • Leading a small group
  • Organizing trainings and seminars for the new employees
  • Numerous successful missions
  • Areas of Interest
  • Technology used in communication
  • Technology used in aircrafts
  • Maintenance of the communication equipment
  • Leadership skills


Robert Stuart
General Manager
High Sky Airlines, Any City, USA

Sample Resume of a Novice Aircrew Officer

Name: Stephen Nelson
Address: 234, X Street, Y Avenue,
Richmond, VA-22220
Phone: (123) 456-7890


To seek the position of a cabin crew at a well-liked airline company and advance my airline career.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Extremely pleasant personality with the advent of good physique
  • Excellent communication skills with absolute politeness in verbal conversation
  • Immense exposure to the fast paced and high profile work environment through past work experiences
  • Vast air experience preceded by two years of formal training
  • Good customer service skills with orientation of complete customer satisfaction
  • Proper conversation and coordination with other team members
  • Complete and neat information of the safety measures to be applied in case of emergency situations

Professional Experience

XYZ Airlines, Richmond, VA (2005–Present)
Cabin Crew

  • Attending the preflight meetings and noting down all the instructions about special passengers such as people suffering from respiratory diseases, celebrities, etc.
  • Monitoring the cleanliness and the safety points in the plane before allowing entry to the passengers
  • Welcoming the passengers on the board and greeting them with small conversations
  • Helping the passengers to find their seats
  • Reporting the supervisors about any serious issues regarding the seating issues
  • Serving the passengers food/drinks promptly and as per their demands
  • Checking the seat belts of each passengers just before the plane takes off
  • Greeting each passenger at the end of the journey
  • Maintaining the plane reports and submitting it to the supervisors

Academic education

  • Graduated in Home Science from Virginia Union University, Richmond, VA (2003)
  • Completed post graduate diploma in cabin crew from the Fly Airhostess Institute, Richmond, VA (2005)

Extra Curricular

  • A member of "Young Aviation Society", Richmond, which tries to spread more and more information regarding the airline industry to children and youngsters

Will be available on request

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