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Airline Lounge Receptionist Resume

The title of this job tells a lot about the things that need to be done. The main point of the job is to admit the members and the airline to the lounge and serve snacks and beverage to them. There are also some other personal services that need to be performed such as opening the door to the lounge and answer at the sound of the buzzer. There is also need to verify the membership cards. He or she also has to answer the inquiries regarding the scheduled flights and the terminal facilities. In some cases, there is also need to check the reservations of the passengers.


This isn't a very difficult job and if you would like to get it then you should start with a good resume. It might be important to mention in it the prior experience that you have and the education and training that you have received in this area.

Airline Lounge Receptionist Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Samantha Gold
Birth Date: 25 January 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


The way that a receptionist acts might greatly influence the mood of the passengers and this is why it is important to have a positive attitude no matter what happens and also to have good communication skills. Naturally, since there are certain services that need to be offered, there is also need for certain technical skills and knowledge regarding the processes used at the airline in question. It might also be useful to know about the safety procedures.


To obtain an interview for the vacant job of Airline Lounge Receptionist and as a result also to obtain the job. During the interview I would be able to prove to your company the skills and experience that I have in this field and also that the passenger care that I offer is exceptional.


Highly skilled and trained Airline Lounge Receptionist looking for the vacant job at your company, with good skills regarding public relations and also customer service, excellent communicational skills and organization skills.

Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Public relations skills
  • Organization skills
  • Public relations abilities
  • Customer service skills

Work Experience

Airline Lounge Receptionist, 2007 to present
Cloud Nine Airlines, Any City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Admit members and guests to the lounge
  • Serve beverages and snacks
  • Offer personal services
  • Answering inquiries
  • Verifying reservations
  • Accompanying passengers to different locations

Airline Lounge Server, 2006'2007
Cloud Nine Airlines, Any City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Prepare and display snacks and beverages for the members and guests
  • Serve the requested items
  • Clean up after the members and guests


B. A. in Hospitality, 2006
Newton Community College, Newton, USA


Managing a small group
Offering training to the new employees
Optimizing the processes used at the lounge
Holding seminars regarding customer service to the employees of the company

Areas of Interest

Business management
Public relations
Technology used in the field of customer service
Leadership skills and abilities


Bob Brown
General Director
Cloud Nine Airlines, Any City, USA

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