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Crew Scheduler Resume

There is an era or age for all type of writing. There was a Romantic age, a Victorian age, a Neo-classical age, a pre-Raphaelite age.etc. In each of these ages a specific writing style or content was predominant. It was the, so called, trend of those times. Similarly we can say that a new age as emerged, which we can term as the 'Resume age'; an age that is more technical and more utilitarian than the earlier ones. Resume writing has become so popular and necessary these days that you can find umpteen numbers of sites that give you resume writing tips and sample resumes. This page also offers you a sample of Crew scheduler resume.


The correct or the most important point to make your resume attractive and readable is the usage of the correct keywords that is relevant to your field. The keywords or the skills are what will attract the employer the most. So go into the details of your field and find out the relevant keywords that can describe your skills in the best possible manner.

The crew scheduler has to compile the duty rosters of the flight crews and also maintain the records of members of the crew regarding their flying time in case of the scheduled airline flights. The responsibilities of the Crew Scheduler also includes the preparation of the flight register that needs to be signed by the members of the crew in order to show their preference and their availability for the flights and also the time when they want to be called before the flights. In order to become a good Crew Scheduler there is need for organizational skills and good communication skills in order to be able to reach an agreement with each member of the crew and to make sure that every flight is covered by the needed number of crewmembers.

The resume should start with your contact information, followed by an introduction, an objective in which you pinpoint what you aim to attain from this position and a summary in which you briefly describe yourself. In the experience section, mention everything related to this position so as to prove to your employer that you are up for this position.

Sample Crew Scheduler Resume

Personal Details
Name: Jessica White
Address: 4, Southall Alley, Wendon Street, New York
Phone: 299-033-2203
E-mail address:
Date: December 23, 2011

Career Objective

To obtain the position of a Crew Scheduler in your company. It is my objective to improve the performance of the crew by offering high quality trainings and also by developing optimal schedules that would cover every flight and that would be suitable for every member of the crew.

Skills and Competencies

  • Solid knowledge regarding the processes involved in the creation of a schedule
  • Ability to develop good working relationships with the members of the crew
  • Ability to work with the members of the department and also other departments

Work Experience

Crew Scheduler, 2009 to present, Swanson Enterprises Inc, South City, USA

Job Duties:

  • In charge of scheduling the work of the crew, especially in the case of those crew members who are working in the production department and those that are on call
  • Keeping track of the activities

  • Assistant Crew Scheduler, 2006 to 2009, Swanson Enterprises Inc, South City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Sharing the responsibilities with the lead scheduler
  • Assisting with the schedule of the crew working only part-time in order to cover for vacations, times of increased production and also in case of emergencies


A.A. Business , ABA City Community College, South City, USA

Efficiently developing numerous schedules

Areas of Interest

  • Business management
  • Time management
  • Driving
  • Shopping


Kelly Snow
General Manager
Swanson Enterprises Inc South City, USA
E-mail address:

Other personal details

  • Birth Date: 18 May 1985
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Driver's License: Yes

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