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Flight Instructor Resume

Flight instructors are highly skilled pilots who use their knowledge, experience, joy of flying, in order to explain complex subjects to their students. Flight instructors give hands-on flying lessons as well as classroom instructions to their students. The topics they cover include aircraft control techniques, navigation, aerodynamics, federal aviation regulations and instrument reading. They may teach for airlines, at flight schools, in the military or they might work as independent instructors.


First, you'll have to become a pilot, if you want to work as a flight instructor. Instructors must have commercial pilot's licenses or private pilot's licenses.

Physics, geometry, algebra, chemistry and other advanced math and science classes are important to take in high school. Computer courses may also represent an advantage. College education, especially in specialized aviation programs are highly recommended, although not obligatory. The final step to becoming a flight instructor is to get a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration.

If you want to pursue such a career, here is how the resume of a flight instructor should look like:

Sample Flight Instructor Resume

Personal Details

Name: Liam Horner
Birth Date; 29 February 1983
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Securing a position as a flight instructor in a growing and renowned aviation school so that my knowledge and skills can be put to use in providing quality training.

Education and Professional Training

  • Bachelors'of science degree in aviation, Yale University in 2004
  • Master's degree in aviation, Yale University, in 2006
  • Experience in delivering simulator and military pilot academic training
  • Advanced experience with sensor systems
  • Familiarity with current delivery methods and instructional techniques
  • Well-versed in the use of Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Word, Power Point)
  • Outstanding leadership traits, interpersonal skills and customer service
  • Well-versed with flight procedures and maneuvers
  • Excellent ability to explain the principles of math, geography and physics
  • Strong knowledge of FAA regulations, aerodynamics, aircraft systems and flight characteristics of aircraft
  • Excellent ability to determine if the student is ready to take examinations for licensed ratings
Professional Experience

Flying experience: over 1.400 hours

2006-Present date: Senior flight instructor for the American Eagles Flight Academy, Annapolis, MD

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Instructing and teaching pilots in flight techniques and procedures in flight training and in ground school courses
  • Planning and preparing lesson plans and modules
  • Training and teaching pilots to operate heavy multi-engine advanced transport helicopters and advanced attack helicopters
  • Acting and serving as subject matter expert, by proceeding to apply advanced technical concepts in the area of aviation
  • Providing and rendering assistance in the creation of material for training
  • Assisting in the preparation of maintenance of training records, schedules and ensuring that training requirements, course standards and objectives are met.
2004-2006: Independent flight instructor, Annapolis, MD.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Introducing students to procedures and instrument flight techniques
  • Supervising the maintenance condition of the aircraft used for training
  • Demonstrating basic principles of weather factors and flight
  • Preparing students for tests and teaching them to fly airplanes
  • Instructing about operation and equipment of aircraft in dual controlled planes.
  • More than 1.400 flight hours
Areas of interest
  • Aviation
  • Technology
  • Sports

Available upon request.

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