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Helicopter Pilot Resume

Helicopter pilots are the professionals who competently and safely operate a helicopter. They may perform various flying jobs, like transporting cargo or passengers, offering services like aerial advertising and photography, geological surveys, highway patrol, sightseeing, checking federal navigational aids or airways, wildlife and fish census.


Other possible jobs for helicopter pilots might be transporting accident victims to hospitals, carrying supplies and workers to off-shore oil rigs, rescuing stranded people in floods, lifting heavy loads to remote sites or on top of buildings or fighting forest fires by carrying smoke jumpers. Sometimes, helicopter pilots must land on small areas or hover over a particular place, tasks which require strong flying skills.

Helicopter pilots can have a four year degree in a related field, but the essential part is the training. In order to become a pilot of any kind, one must first undergo instruction at flight schools certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, in order to become licensed. You can also acquire flight training during a five year service for the armed forces.

For a commercial or private license, you can consider studying at universities or colleges which offer flight training with certain degrees. If you are interested in starting a career as a helicopter pilot, you should take a look at this sample resume.

Sample Helicopter Pilot Resume

Personal Details
Name: Stuart Hemingway
Birth Date: 29 June 1979
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking the position as a helicopter pilot for a forward looking and reputable company, so I can put my experience and skills to use.

Education and Professional Training

High School diploma from Saint George's High School, San Diego, California in 1997
Licensed helicopter pilot, Air Force Flying School, San Diego, California in 2001


  • Excellent ability to perform flight jobs in a safe manner
  • Strong ability to be accountable for safety performance
  • Strong, concise, communication skills, written and verbal
  • Exceptional ability to stay up to date with local and federal flight regulations
  • Profound knowledge of aircraft operation, rotary-wing aircraft, weather and navigation instrumentation and two-way radio communication
  • Strong knowledge of FAA visual flight regulations
  • Strong skill in operating helicopters over mountainous terrain or in adverse weather conditions

Professional Experience

2002-Present date: Helicopter pilot for the San Diego Police Force, San Diego, California
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Preparing written documents like for example reports, log sheets, daily flight operations and police reports that were used in the preparation of court cases
  • Operating a MD 500 and an Enstrom 280X helicopter
  • Inspecting, monitoring and evaluating conditions related to work and the helicopters in use, in order to determine conformity with prescribed safety and operating regulations, standards and guidelines
  • Operating tow equipment when moving the aircraft in the hangar area
  • Operating standard office computer applications, when compiling log sheets and reports
  • Moving supplies with the help of handcarts and tow equipment
  • Cleaning the hangar facility, the work area and the police helicopters
  • Refueling the aircraft and performing regular maintenance work
  • Flying at altitudes of up to 12,000 feet while on patrol missions
  • Performing mathematical calculations related to helicopter operations


Member of the Professional Helicopter Pilots Association
Over 7.000 flight hours

Areas of interest


Available upon request.

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