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Photogrammetry Pilot Resume

The photogrammetry pilot is a person who flies airplanes or helicopters with the purpose of photographing areas of the earth's surface. Like other pilots, they have their standard duties and responsibilities to perform such as working with navigation tools and computer systems on aircrafts, operating flights safely with certain regulations and standards. They are also responsible for resolving technical issues at the time of emergencies and making important decision at critical times (such as technical failure, sudden changes of weather conditions, etc).


Before taking off the flight, the pilot has to ensure that everything is in proper order. During the flight, the pilot has to be permanently in touch with the control tower. Besides these duties, the photogrammetry pilot has some more duties to perform such as checking the security of the flight, scheduling of flight etc. They try to control his plane in such a manner that they can be able to take best pictures of the earth with different angles. These pictures are used for various photogram metric purposes like making maps.

While constructing the photogrammetry pilot resume, remember to mention your past experience as well. Below is the sample photogrammetry pilot resume, as you can use it to create your own resume.

Sample Photogrammetry Pilot Resume

Personal Details

Name: Simon Finns
Address: 829 Ridge Road, Wichita, KS 67202, United States
Phone number: 987-587-4789

Career Objective

Looking for the challenging position of a photogrammetry pilot in any of the reputed organization where I could use my experience in flying planes and helicopters and taking snaps. I have an experience of 7 years in this domain and I hope that my experience and skill set would help the company's growth and success. I want to be expert in this field and leave a mark. I have a unique style of working and I have a passion to work for longer time until I achieve my target.

Skills and Core Competencies

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Extensive knowledge of air navigation
  • Good organizational skills and analytic skills
  • Ability to work long hours with same efficiency
  • Resistance to stress
  • Good problem solver i.e. come up with positive solution at the time of emergency
  • Strong physical condition i.e. should have a good health
  • Good sight and hearing power
  • Excellent concentration and positive attitude towards work
  • Ability to judge the situation in a affirmative manner
  • Enthusiastic and hard-working
  • Self-discipline and well-mannered
  • Ability to work as a team and achieve the goals
  • Excellent learner and good grasping power
  • Strong knowledge of meteorology and flight planning
  • Ability to prove myself anytime during work
Work Experience

Designation: Photogrammetry Pilot
Organizational name: Forest Mapping Inc., San Antonio, New York, United States
Duration: October 2008– Till Date

Duties and responsibilities

  • Flying helicopter for photogrammetry purpose
  • Plans the testing of flight, taking into consideration the weather conditions, routing, and destinations
  • Conduct aerial photography missions
  • Calculate quantity of fuel required for the flight
  • Prepare the report for each flight
  • Performs the activities such as scheduling of flight, security measures, monitoring weather conditions
  • Maintains the records of the newer technology
  • Performs the inspections of the airplane and also take care of the preventive measures
  • Ask to repair the routine, whenever necessary

Designation: Assistant Photogrammetry Pilot
Organizational name: Forest Mapping Inc., San Antonio, New York, United States
Duration: October 2005– September 2008

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist the Photogrammetry Pilot in scheduling the flight
  • Fix the rotary wings of the aircraft
  • Conducts the security checks of the aircraft
  • Prepare a report for the scheduling of flights
  • Checks that the ground staffs are working properly or not

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Science, from San Antonio University, San Antonio, United States, 2005
  • FAA Certification from San Antonio University, San Antonio, United States, 2006
  • High School Diploma from Any City High School, Any City, United States, 2003


Awarded as the best performer of the year from Forest Mapping Inc., San Antonio, New York, United States, 2009

Areas of interest

  • Aeronautical
  • Meteorology
  • Flying


Name: Martin Hunting
Designation: Director
Organization name: FSA Flying Associations Inc. United States
E-mail id:
Phone No: 478-521-5858

Name: Andrew Symonds
Position: Senior Manager
Organization: ABC Associates, MI, New York, United States
Phone No: 589-785-3214
E-mail id:

Other personal details

  • Date of Birth: 25 June, 1985
  • Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: One
  • Driver's License: Yes, B category

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