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Test Pilot Resume

Test pilots are aviation professionals who work for the Federal Government or for private aircraft companies, in charge of testing new built aircrafts, aircraft that have just passed the process of maintenance, experimental and prototype aircrafts and modified aircrafts; with the purpose of determining their worth and their performance. This is, obviously, a very risky and hazardous job, but technological developments in the last decades have made it a lot safe to fly first hand with aircrafts that haven't been air tested before. The job requires intensive training, awareness of all the techniques and an excellent sense of alertness to perform during unforeseen circumstances. One should also be fearless and good with handling new technology. While drafting a test pilot resume one should make sure that that your highlight your persona with the right skills required for the job. An enriching experience in this field also plays a vital role apart from you love to fly aircrafts.


Test pilots need to be extremely prepared to face technical problems in the air and should posses the knowledge to make urgent decisions about the right course of action. They have to be flight experts and must possess a strong mental and physical capacity in order to face some of the most extreme situations a person can be in. While air testing aircrafts, pilots have to monitor the different functions and its ease, test the engine at different speeds, the breaks, the shock absorbers, and also perform various air maneuvers, such as dives, rolls, stalls, loops and so on. They need to be in touch with the control room through radio, keep communicating at constant intervals and keep an eye on the monitors to ensure safety and smooth functioning. Test pilots have to stick with the testing plan that has been established alongside engineers and report the aircraft performance. Their resume should include all their knowledge, expertise and strong skills.

Sample Test Pilot Resume

Personal & Contact Details

Name: Armand Southerly
Birth date: September 9, 1976
Address and Contact Details: 25 Fox Drive, Dedham,
MA 02027-2563, (203) 989-76567
Nationality: British
Marital Status: Married, 3 children
Driver's license: Yes


My objective is to exercise my skills, abilities and knowledge as a SUPT test pilot and to gain the opportunity to advance at the AFSC 11E3X level. I wish to contribute to the advancement of aircraft performance and work towards improving air safety standards.


Test pilot with an Air Force Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training certificate, I am looking for a job opportunity that can offer me the chance to advance in my career.


  • Good aircraft knowledge
  • Well trained with the test procedures
  • Excellent engineering and technical abilities
  • Good mental and physical strength
  • Capable of following test plans accurately and take decisions during emergencies

Computer knowledge

  • Advanced computer knowledge
  • Familiar with aircraft board computers

Work Experience

Test Pilot,
XVC Aircraft Company, Washington


  • In charge of testing new and modified aircraft
  • Monitor air performance and airworthiness through different mediums of testing
  • Collaborating with the engineering team to improve results
  • Report analysis of the air performance

Education and Training

Air Force Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
Bachelor's Degree in Physical Sciences, Dedham University


As a test pilot at a private company, I had a crucial responsibility of testing airworthiness and safety of aircrafts that were later used for public transportation and military operations.

Areas of interest

test flights
extreme sports


Available upon request

While drafting a test pilot resume one should make sure that you highlight not only your education and skills but also your love for the job. Your resume should begin with an effective objective statement, backed with your competencies. A test pilot should not be medically fit and strong but should possess the right skills and techniques to handle new aircrafts. Their job involves good timing and being proactive and alert at every minute during the flight. The candidate should be able to handle stress and always be ready to adapt to new technology. The above test pilot resume can be used as a reference by candidate who wish to apply for a job in this profile.

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