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Broadcast News Analyst Resume

Broadcast news analysts in addition to the introduction in-depth videotaped films or live scenes from reporters, may comment or summarize on new items, interpret particular news stories, and discuss the impact of such stories on our lives. Sometimes, broad cast analysts may gather information using interview and research and then examine it and interpret it for the audience.


News-casting is a very competitive field, and although there is no formal education or training required, a college degree is valuable in this field. Most of large stations choose employees only if they have a college degree. When you are writing a resume for the position of a broadcast news analyst, keep in mind to mention knowledge in any of the domains such as music, business, theater, politics, and sports, which will improve your chances to get the job. Also, mention the skills that are essential for a broadcast news analysts, like a pleasant personality and voice, an excellent diction and pronunciation, and if you want to work in broadcasting on television, remember to mention that you have a simple yet attractive appearance.

Broadcast News Analyst Resume Sample

Personal Details:

Name: Michael Kent
Address: 134 Main Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30989
Phone: (555) 555-1543


Seek the position of Broadcast News Analyst.


Exceptionally talented broadcast news analyst with excellent verbal and written communication skills; the ability to interact with all types of people; strong knowledge in usage of the computer applications and programs used in worksheets, word processing and presentations; with over seven years of experience in examining, interpreting, and broadcasting news received for different sources.

Professional Experience:

Broadcast News Analyst June 2008-Present
CBS Corporation, VA

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Examined and interpreted news reports and information received from different sources.
  • Wrote scripts, commentaries, or columns of current events.
  • Edited new materials and presented as an anchor, live news broadcast programs.
  • Analyzed news items of national and international importance in order to decide on the topics to be addressed, ways of discussion, and potential guests and speakers.
  • Gather information and created perspectives of subjects through interviews, research and observation.
Television Reporter November 2004-June 2007 CBS Corporation, VA

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reported news for broadcast or publication, providing concise details of events.
  • Analyzed copies, errors within the content, handled correction in grammar, punctuation following the precise editorial style.
  • Investigated important news related to crimes, disaster and real-life drama.
  • Researched and examined background information related to provision of correct information.

Bachelor Degree in Communication Arts
California State University, 1997


  • Computer literacy
  • Exceptional quantitative and analytical skills
  • Time management and prioritization skills
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to interact with all types of people
  • Ability to work in a past-faced, high pressure environment

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