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Market Analyst Resume

Market analysts are responsible for helping clients in taking marketing decisions by analyzing and evaluating their promotional needs to gather demographic data and for analyzing results. These skilled workers have to evaluate and analyze demographics, competitors, prices or various distribution channels in order to develop and implement efficient marketing strategies for products or services. A market analyst resume should be drafted keeping this job profile in mind. Candidates need to make sure that they highlight all the possible skills that could help them secure a job while drafting a resume in this category.


The tasks of a market analyst involve developing and implementing a market research plan, analyzing the research results, and based on these results, providing their clients with useful sales and marketing strategies. Market analysts also have to meet and discuss with clients their marketing goals and develop various methods on how to execute these goals. Then, they gather customer demographic information and market data by using research methods like focus groups or questionnaires. Other duties of Market analysts include creating and presenting reports that analyze the industry and the customers by using charts and graphs. These reports offer information to the client on future marketing and sales strategies.

Market Analysts are required to possess solid knowledge of statistical analysis and research methodologies used in marketing. Knowledge of computer programs and of survey tools is also important.

Sample Market Analyst Resume

Name: Hank Anderson
Address: 224 Main Street, TX 6899 78999
Telephone number: (125) 1235-5632
Date: November: 11, 2011

Career Objective

Seeking a rewarding and challenging position as a Market Analyst in a reputed company where I can use my skills, my educational background, and my vast experience in the field.


  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills used to communicate in an efficient manner with clients
  • Strong knowledge of test equipments and survey tools used in the field
  • Proficiency in using a wide variety of computer programs such as Word, Excel, and Power Point.
  • Ability to plan, develop and implement research projects
  • Excellent leadership and management skills used to coordinate a project
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skill
  • Skilled in understanding research principles and statistical analysis
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with people
  • Ability to respect deadlines used to finish a market research in a timely manner

Organization: Gen On Energy, Houston, TX,
Designation: Market Analysts
Duration: 2007 – present

  • Developed and implemented research plans, analyzed the research results and provided clients efficient marketing and sales strategies
  • Assessed customers and competitors with graphs and charts
  • Gathered customer demographic information by using various research methods
  • Consultation for developing a sales force, a customer care section and a wide variety of other business matters
  • Identification of customer's need and making business models to fulfill them
  • Analyzing data and making recommendations based on finding
  • Making research report and sending it to Market Research manager
  • Analyzing statistical data to forecast future market trends
  • Gather information on customer inclination and buying trends and preparing reports on findings

Organization: JPMorgan Chase, Houston, TX,
Designation: Junior Market Analysts
Duration: 2003 – 2007

  • Analyzed marketing strategies and consumer behaviors by collaborating with statisticians and other professionals
  • Gathered information on competitors and analyzed factors such as prices, sales and marketing strategies
  • Developed and implemented strategies in order to find customer's needs
  • Assisting companies in measuring and evaluating advertising applications
  • Assisting research interns, students and other marketing support positions

Educational Summary

  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, University of Houston
  • Master's Degree in Finance, University of Houston
  • Certification in Market Research software
  • Certified Marketing Analyst
  • Course in Advertisement development

Achievements and affiliations
A member of the Marketing Research Association since November 2008.
Had been rewarded with the star performer award for excellence of service at Gen On Energy for the financial year, 2009-2010.

Areas of interest

Personal Information
Hank Anderson
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 31.09.1976

Brian C. Lott
HR Manager
Gen On Energy, Houston, TX

John J. Baber
JPMorgan Chase, Houston, TX

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