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Actor Resume

An actor is the person who portrays a character and who interprets a role to an audience through his speech, body language and movement. The main duty of an actor is to inform or to entertain audiences for productions like: stage, radio, television, motion picture, etc. The work performed by an actor varies from modulating voices for radio dramas to improvisation, or other tasks.


A candidate for a position as an actor doesn't necessarily need educational skills. Mainly, an actor's job requires exceptional acting skills. Employers test actors' skills in auditions or casting calls. Work varies from the acting job to casting director, depending on the needs of a company.

The work elements of an actor refer to rehearsing, learning lines, studying many characters, taking training (speech or physical) in order to prepare for a role. Other activities are: working as an extra for television or film, doing voice-overs for advertisements, managing the performance area, costumes, discussing interpretation and delivery with other members of the company and the director. The actor can either read from a teleprompter or memorize the lines. Actors have to follow the instructions of a writer or of a director. Some of the duties and responsibilities of an actor are: making the audience believe that the characters they portray are real, learn about the stage techniques as an actor for theater performance, entertain audiences with acting skills, learn dance, movements, speech, voice and pantomime.

If you are a struggling actor, you must prepare a resume to send it to directors and production companies to gain an audition for a role. Here is an actor resume template that will be useful for you.

Sample Actor Resume

Personal Details

Name: Patrick Smith123 Main Street
Address: Atlanta, Georgia 30356
Marital Status: Single
Birth Date: 13.04.1983
Nationality: American
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 92 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green


Being an actor means entertaining the audiences with acting skills by interpreting a role or portraying a character.


I am interested in a position in the acting field, either in a theatre play or in a movie where I can use my acting skills as well as my looks and contribute to an excellent performance of the movie or the play.


Good communicator, with excellent acting skills, professional and willing to offer the audience a great performance on the stage.

Skills and Core Competencies

  • Excellent performance and acting skills
  • Ability to portray many characters
  • Dynamic and creative personality

Additional skills

  • Sports: Swimming, Baseball, Jogging and Bicycling
  • Singing: Jazz
  • Languages: English, French (Basic) and German (Basic)
  • Dialect/Accent: English, Irish, Scottish and American
  • Tango dancing, tap dancing,

Career History

Theatre experience 1998-2000

  • Hamlet - Horatio: State Street Theatre
  • Macbeth - Malcolm: The Magic Theatre
  • The Phantom of the Opera - Erik: The Source Theatre


Enduring Night - James: Autumn Productions (2005)


  • Bachelor's degree in Drama & Acting- 1992, New York University
  • Course in TV & Cinema at the Drama & Acting Institute, New York - 1999
  • Acting Up Drama Workshop, Orlando, Florida 2002- to present


  • Received the best performer award for the role of James in "Enduring Night"
  • Nominalization for the best performer for the role of Sam in "All's Quiet in Ashville"
  • Received the best actor award in drama by the National School of Drama, Los Angeles

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