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Craft Artist Resume

A craft artist resume is not as easy to draft as it seems. It is an art by itself. Because the job of an artist is not a technical one, there is no strict pattern to prepare the resume. So let me try to help you out in understanding the art and preparing your own resume to assist you on your job hunt.


Being an artist is not a job, but a true vocation. You are born with it, and you must refine your talent continuously, throughout your whole life. It is a duty of honor, because the ability to create artful products is definitely a divine gift. The encyclopedias and the art galleries are full of masterpieces: paintings, sculptures; they all have the role of beautifying the world we live in and give it a touch of color. We should treasure the classical painters and sculptors, for what they have left behind and make sure we do our bit in adding to their legacy, as much as we can.

The work of a craft artist, though, is a combination between art and practical purposes, that is, we are talking about an artist who usually combines the practical and the aesthetic: therefore, he or she would create ceramics, quilts, furniture, welding, jewelry, art glass, or even weavings. Sometimes these artists may recycle different things, such as plates, soda cans, costume jewelry, or old t-shirts and turn them into purses or other surprising objects of day-to-day use. A craft artist is someone so imaginative that they would transform anything that they see into art forms. It takes a lot of talent and dedication and, most of all, the ability to work hard

Being a craft artist surely demands a lot of imagination and creativity. Besides this, you need an inborn talent and a genuine passion for what you are doing. It is not an easy "job", as you might have to work for a number of days in order to finish a work, after which you might not like the outcome and start all over again. However, the essential point is to keep in mind that perfectionism is a constructive trait of one's character that is achieved through rigorous work and determination.

If you have always known that you have an artistic talent of any kind and, more than that, you have already created some interesting works of art that the others have appreciated. Then it is high time you started to search for such a job within a company related to your area of expertise. If you have already found the job, then the next step will be that of making a convincing resume. Here is how you could do that. Inspect the craft artist sample resume given below carefully, to come up with your own.

Craft Artist Resume Sample

Personal details

Name: Clarissa Richardson
Address: 27 Kensington Street, New Jersey, USA
Phone Number: 609 224 7611
Birth Date: 15 May 1978
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To become a craft artist within your gallery, and thus to be able to prove my skills and my proficiency with making the surrounding objects come alive.

Core competencies

  • Creativity in artistic effects
  • Gifted with great imagination and the ability to use that imagination to create works of art
  • Creative and hard working
  • Very good communication skills
  • Capable of working for days on a single object, in order to see that the eventual result is a form of perfection
  • Able to turn ideas into creative products
  • Dynamic and proactive

Technical skills

  • Very proficient with the computer (especially the design software)
  • Foreign languages: excellent in German, efficient in Spanish, good in French
  • Decent knowledge of Microsoft Office and animation software such as Flash

Work experience

Painter, The Wasseba Art Galleries, New Jersey, 2000 &ndash2007

Duties and responsibilities fulfilled

  • Created canvas painting for the gallery's exhibitions
  • Managed and cleaned paintings provided to the gallery
  • Provided exceptional paintings to attract people towards the gallery's exhibitions
  • Conveyed the proper meaning of paintings to people who were interested in them


The Degas Art School, New Jersey, USA, 1996 &ndash2000


  • Great results in creating beautiful paintings
  • Won the "Best Artist" award at the Degas Art School, New Jersey, USA, 1997

Areas of interest

  • Painting
  • Recycle craft painting

Portfolio: attached


Mrs. Selena Adams
The Wasseba Art Galleries, New Jersey, USA

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