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Craft Center Director Resume

This article will present the perfect candidate for the position of Craft Center Director by looking at the studies, experience and abilities necessary to perform this job. In the second part of the article, you will encounter a sample resume meant to help you in writing your own.


A craft center is usually a non-profit organization that encourages crafting, creativity and design and supports crafters, artists and related projects and programs. Craft centers aim to improve the understanding of crafting activities within the society and their activities include craft research, craft scholarship and professional crafting.

A director of a craft center is the professional in charge of handling all the aspects and issues of the organization's activity, procedures and regulations. The craft center director needs to have strong managerial skills and extensive knowledge and insight about how to improve the organization's methods in reaching its goals and mission. In order to be qualified for the position, an individual needs crafting experience and knowledge, preferably an arts or craft history course certificate.

He or she needs to be creative and visionary and to posses the proper skills to run a non-profit organization, obtain international and national support and convince donors of the importance of the center's activity. They also have to prepare and organize training programs, crafting events and activities, workshops, conferences, collaborative programs, traveling exhibitions and so on. Human resources, financing and implementing strategies have to be a part of the skills section in a craft center director's resume, as well as the ability to promote high artistic and intellectual standards.

Craft Center Director Resume Sample

William Nicholson
1000 Independence Ave,
SW, Washington, DC 20585,
(203) 543-87758

Personal Details

Name: William Nicholson
Birth date: 08.08.1977
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


Seeking a job as a craft center director looking to work in a challenging environment.


Crafter with experience as a fundraising officer, applying for the position of craft center director.


  • crafting skills and knowledge,
  • artistic personality,
  • motivated and visionary,
  • interpersonal abilities,
  • managerial abilities
Computer knowledge:

Windows XP,
Microsoft Office

Work Experience:

Fundraising Officer, 1998-2011
The Center for Craft and Design, Washington


  • Presenting the organization's mission and targets, strategies and programs to potential donors,
  • Negotiating benefits for donors,
  • Signing contracts and providing special services for those who have financially contributed to our activity.
Education and Training:

Master's in History of Arts, Washington University
Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Washington University


As a fundraising officer, I have contributed significantly not only to the actual existence of the organization, but also in the organization's development through advanced programs and events.

Areas of interest:

  • crafting,
  • arts,
  • administration

Mr. Tom Junker,
Previous Executive Director of The Center for Craft and Design,

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