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Motion Picture Projectionist Resume

They operate on movie projectors, machines and audio equipment that wind back film to supply film entertainment for the customers of the theater. Projectionists must check films ahead of showing it. Doing this means that they position every film reel on a manual rewinding device and check for worn places, holes or further defects. If necessary, they repair any of the defects detected on the reel.


In the majority of cases, full-length long films are recorded on a number of reels of film so that the projectionist has to operate more projectors at the same time. As soon as one film reel has ended, projectionists ought to have another projector with a film reel ready for showing.

In addition, projectionists oil and clean the equipment, look out for defective parts, and perform repairs. For the main repairs, they are helped by a worker from repair service.

There are no particular educational requirements for the position of motion picture projectionist, even though some states or cities ask for some licensure. Projectionists ought to have vast mechanical capability since the tools they use and fix are complex. Exceptional eyesight, hearing and hand dexterity are important as well. A number of projectionists become skilled at technical or vocational schools or on the job.

Bigger cinemas in cities pay superior salaries than the drive-in or suburban ones. As figured out by a 2010 Occupational Employment Statistics study, motion picture projectionists are paid an average hourly salary of $8.62.The benefits of full-time projectionists can include remunerated vacations and health insurance in addition to retirement plans.

Motion Picture Projectionist Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Jenny Johnes
Address: 92 Small Street Someville, US, 23922
Home: (727) 199-3547
Mobile: (423) 000-7272


Looking for a position as Motion Picture Projectionist


Extraordinarily gifted and dexterous Motion Picture Projectionist with over 7 years of experience in arranging and using film projection and associated sound reproduction tools.

List of Qualifications

  • Vast ability to operate and control systems and equipment.
  • Exceptional manual dexterity, eyesight, and hearing.
  • Strong capability to oversee the operation of equipment by efficiently watching dials, gauges and additional indicators.
  • Thorough ability to choose the right alternative regarding the type of equipment and tools required for the job.
  • Excellent skills of performing fixing on systems and machines using the required tools.
  • Vast capability of installing equipment, wiring, machines and applications to meet requirements.
  • Close acquaintance with media production, dissemination and communication methods and techniques.
  • In-depth familiarity with circuit boards, chips, processors, electronic equipment, and computerized software and hardware, including programming and applications.
  • Outstanding spoken and written communication abilities and excellent skills in reading, understanding and following procedures and directives.
Working Experience

The Skyline Studio,
A city, US
2003 - 2010
Motion Picture Projectionist

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Check films to make certain that they are entire and in good quality condition.
  • Scrutinize projection machinery before actual projection to be sure that it's working properly.
  • Connect and install additional equipment, for instance microphones, lights, disc playback machines, and amplifiers.
  • Keep an eye on operations to guarantee that the standards for image and sound projection value are met.
  • Scrutinize projector function in order to foresee need to shift activity from the first projector to another.
  • Control equipment with the intention of showing films in more theaters concurrently.
  • Perform periodical maintenance duties for example replacing or rotating xenon bulbs, lubricating machinery, cleaning lenses and maintaining electrical contacts tight and clean.

Associate's Degree in Visual Arts ABC University, Some city, 2002


Available upon request

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