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Music Director Resume

The Music Directors have an important role in making the musical possible. Their main duty is to create the ensemble, but they have many related tasks besides this. Music Directors have to conduct the instrumental or vocal performances of various musical groups like orchestras or choirs. They are a behind-the-scene presence and they make sure that the entire musical is performed in a successful manner.


Among the duties mention above, a music director is also responsible for conducting the musical ensemble that is required for a specific show or concert. When conducting the music ensemble, the music director needs to plan the concert from the first to the final task. They are also responsible for conducting the rehearsals and for coordinating everyone associated with the musical ensemble.

The first elements you can add in a resume are the contact information: name, address and telephone number. You can start your music director resume with an objective that has to state what position you are looking for and what skills and qualifications you have for the job. In the next section, you can add your skills. Mention some general skills as well as some skills which you have gained in your experience as a music director: a keen eye for details and great organizational abilities.

In the following section, you have to add your professional work experience. This section must run chronologically from your last to your current position. Present what your duties and tasks were in every position and add the name of the position you held, the name of the employer and the location of the company, as well as the period of employment. Your last section has to focus on your education. Again, you have to add education from the last training or qualification. Highlight anything you feel is relevant to your application as a music director and add the name of the degrees you obtained and the schools you attended.

Music Directors are required to be highly organized individuals because they need to be able to conduct the musical performances of a wide variety of musical groups.

Music Director Resume Sample

Contact Information
Name: Ian McCann
Address: 653 Isherwood Street
E-mail: hank.
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 26.12.1975


From my experience, I can state that music directors have to conduct the instrumental or vocal performances of various musical groups like orchestras or choirs


Seeking a rewarding job as a music director in a growth-oriented organization where I can fully use my excellent coordination skills and my ability to conduct the musical performances of musical groups Summary Talented music director with ten years experience in conducting the musical performances of various musical groups and who possess excellent presentation and communication skills

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent multi-tasking and ability to work under pressure skills
  • Knowledge in a wide variety of musical instruments
  • Outstanding presentation skills
  • Able to conduct and coordinate the musical performance of various groups

Work Experience

Music Director, MTV Networks, New York, 2007 - present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Collaborated with music librarians in order to verify the availability of various scores
  • Hired composers to write scores
  • Organized meetings with the composers in order to discuss the interpretations of their work
  • Performed administrative tasks like developing budgets or negotiating contracts
  • Designed and printed musical programs and various promotional materials
  • Transcribed musical compositions in order to adapt them to a specific musical group or in order to create a new musical style

Music Director, The Cinema Gnome, New York, 2000-2007

Duties and responsibilities

  • Organized and managed musical tours or hired touring companies in order to schedule concert dates, accommodations and transportation
  • Analyzed scores in order to develop interpretations
  • Planned and implemented various promotional activities
  • Conducted groups at rehearsals and helped them achieve desired musical effects such as tonal balance dynamics and rhythm
  • Discussed with concertmasters on their performances


Master's Degree in Music, Alfred University
Bachelor's Degree in Music, Alfred University

Achievements and associations

Member of the American Choral Directors Association

Areas of interest



References available upon request

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