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Orchestrator Resume

What is the purpose of an orchestrator?

The main function of orchestrators is writing the scores of a band, orchestra, choral group, vocalists or for a single instrumentalist. The person on this position rearranges the music made for one voice or instrument to fit a certain musical group or musician. For instance, an orchestrator can have the task of transposing a particular score of a song into one suitable for the vocalist that will sing it.


As an orchestrator, the professional doesn't habitually change the musical rhythm, harmony or quality. She or he just scores the piece of music so that it is suitable for the vocal and instrumental skills of artists. Sometimes, they do this by using specialized computer applications.

Even though the orchestrator is working with the pieces of music of arrangers and composers, occasionally the individual has to work as arranger. For example, the orchestrator can have the task of transcribing a composition as well as adapting it to a different type of music. This is simple to understand when the individual transforms the mode of a pop tune to a more easy to listen, instrumental adaptation.

How much does an orchestrator earn?

The income of orchestrators may vary based on how much effort they put in and in what situation. Orchestrators that are part of the AFM, the American Federation of Musicians, will have a minimum wage, based on the standards set by the union. In some situations, the worker can be paid hourly. These situations take in performing tasks like doing adjustments, takedowns, additions, or alterations of the score.

What are the prospects for this job?

The employment prospects look reasonably good for orchestrators. They can choose among working for vocalists, bands, choral groups, orchestras or individual instrumentalists. These professionals can even work for arrangers in the recording business. Other job openings can be found in the fields such as theater, films and television. The advancement opportunities for orchestrators can appear when the professional becomes better known so that he is persistently busy. Professionals in this field can turn into flourishing musicians and composers in their full right.

What are the requirements for orchestrators?

As in the majority of the music positions, there is no mandatory need for formal education to suit the orchestrator job. The professional has to be familiar with writing scores for choral groups, bands, orchestras, and so on, and transposing them for one instrument or another. This knowledge can be attained by studying at a conservatory, university, or college, or during private learning. The abilities required may as well be self-taught.

Working as orchestrator, one must possess a meticulous understanding of music theory. This professional is required to be able to easily transpose music. He or she should be precise and must have tidy handwriting. As said above, orchestrators might perform their duties assisted by computers and particular software; computer proficiency is consequently becoming compulsory. Trustworthiness is a necessity for attaining success in this field. Furthermore, the orchestrator ought to have a good comprehension of music.

Marry-Ann Mills
76 White Lane
Somecity, USA 5432
Home: (876) 844-1234
Mobile: (123) 341-4332


Talented and professional individual seeking an opening as orchestrator


  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Trained in the field of music
  • Trustworthy and professional


Orchestrator, 2008 - present

  • ABC Film Company, Someville, US
  • Adapted music pieces for the orchestration of films like "Film1" and "Film2"

Orchestration Assistant, 2006 - 2008
ABC Film Company, Someville, US

  • In charge of aiding with orchestrating, particularly when having a rigid deadline for an assignment
  • Concentrated on arranging the scores for a variety of instruments


Bachelor's Degree in Musical Orchestration
XYZ University, 2005, Bigcity, US


  • Member of the US Association for Music Workers
  • Chairman of this organization in 2008

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