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Pantograph Engraver Resume

Next we will briefly present some of the main duties of a pantograph engraver in metal and in glass. In the first case, the pantograph engraver will have to engrave metal surfaces or other objects to make stamps, seals, coins or medals, etc.., or engraved decoration on the surfaces of various objects, jewelry, weapons, etc.


In the second case, that of an engraver on glass, the duties are: to create decorations on glass products, to engrave and carve different decorations and motifs, to engrave and cut various shapes and figures in relief and decorate them as an artist or according to their own design sketches.

Before starting to work in this domain, some qualification classes are required. By attending these classes, you will learn all there to know about how to engrave various objects and about the duties and the responsibilities of the job.

The job of a pantograph engraver can be beautiful and very special. Using engraving machines or equipments, the engraver makes things that last and that provide various information or that have special meanings. This job is all about imagination, the ability to handle the equipment used in this domain and manual dexterity. Having this and the desire of working in this field plus a good resume is all you need to get the job.

Pantograph Engraver Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Lawrence Kinds
Birth date: 23.10.1984
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Being a pantograph engraver gives you the chance of leaving your stamp on various objects. You will be working with objects of different forms and importance made from various materials. It is important to understand the requests of your clients and to try to accomplish them with accuracy.


To develop a long term career as pantograph engraver and to do an excellent work engraving various objects; to develop more skills and abilities and to become more specialized in the field; to enrich my actual knowledge about every techniques of engraving objects


Experienced engraver I want to obtain the chance to prove my great manual dexterity and my ability to work very quickly, which helps me satisfy all my clients


  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Experience in engraving objects
  • Accurate and responsible
  • Creative
  • Patient
  • Manual dexterity
Work Experience

Pantograph engraver, Silver Steel Engraving,
San Francisco, 2007-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Communicating with clients in order to understand what they desire
  • Engraving objects as required by the customers by using different themes and motifs: tribal, Maya, Inca
  • Respecting deadlines
  • Charging the clients according to the complexity of the engrave activity
Pantograph engraver assistant, Silver Steel Engraving,
San Francisco, 2006-2007

Duties and responsibilities

  • Cleaning the objects before engraving
  • Assisting the engraver during the process
  • Providing needed tools and equipments
  • Accomplishing other tasks as assigned
  • Examining the objects after being engraved

High School Diploma in Arts, San Francisco University, 2005
Engraving courses, 2007


Satisfied all the clients
Respected the deadlines

Areas of interest



Tim Adams
Silver Steel Engraving, San Francisco

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